Nintendo DS Video Game Review: Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem

Another awesome “BLEACH” fighting game for the Nintendo DS from Treasure. Many characters, awesome gameplay!

VIDEO GAME TITLE: Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem (BLEACH DS 2nd 黒衣ひらめく鎮魂歌(レクイエム)


COMPANY: Treasure/Sega

What can I say? I’m addicted to the anime series “BLEACH” and what I enjoy even more are the video games.

When it came to anime games featured in video game 1-on-1 battles, I have to admit that the “BLEACH” DS and PSP games have been very fun and entertaining and yes, worth owning.

Of course, the first DS game received a lot of hype because it was developed by the company TREASURE known for classics such as “Gunstar Heroes” (Sega Genesis), “Radiant Silvergun” (Sega Saturn), “Wario World” (GameCube), “Ikaragua” (GameCube) and many other titles, TREASURE similar to Nippon Ichi and Atlus has a cult following of gamers who just love their games.

This takes us to their fighting game “BLEACH” for the Nintendo DS.

With many fighting games on the DS teetering to absolute suckage (with the exception of both “Jump Superstars” and “Bleach” games of course), “BLEACH” is a fighting game that features the cast of the popular anime series. And this anime series has A LOT of characters surpassing even “Dragon Ball Z”.

The game is a 2D fighter which utilizes top and bottom areas and with each character given different fighting characteristics and special moves, your character is given support cards that can enhance battle by giving you a better offense or defense, give you more health, increasing your Reiatsu & Reiryoka spirit meters (that allow you to perform your special moves), etc. So, imagine fighting an opponent but the rules for that certain level are to fight with less health or to not press a certain button, etc.

You get the story mode (for a lot of characters), arcade and vs. modes, points won can be used to purchase more clothing or support cards and the best part of all, is to play people online via wi-fi.

At the time, the DS was the way to go for a “BLEACH” game and the first game did not disappoint.

Now, here we are in 2007 and the second DS game titled “Bleach DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem” is out.


Well, the main thing is that there are 40+ characters in the game. So, you can imagine that story mode is definitely longer this time around.

Also, because so much has happened in the anime and manga series for these characters, much different movesets.


Yes, for the majority of it, you should be able to find out. It may be tricky for some characters (esp. if you haven’t watched the series or read the manga) because some are healing characters and one level is about healing people onscreen. Another level features characters that jump from top plane to bottom plane continuously and you realize the level is about how who can get the most jumps on the counter.

So, it takes a while and fortunately, there are some forums/faqs that translate or explain what must be done on certain levels.


Well, both games are different. The PSP game is a fighter that utilizes cel shaded characters, 3D background and support characters. The DS game is a 2D fighter that utilizes character support cards.

In the past, I would have recommended the DS over the PSP game but because the PSP version incorporates similar style of missions that the DS has, also many characters (72 inc. support characters) and the PSP is more 3D background with large cel shaded characters, I found the PSP much more enjoyable this time around because the DS, although has more characters and features, it’s a similar style of game in terms of gameplay from the first DS game.

Although “BLEACH DS 2nd: Kokui Hirameku Requiem” is much better than the first, it felt too similar to the first game. The same can be said for “BLEACH: HEAT THE SOUL 3” and “4”.

But I recommend picking up both because both have a lot of positive qualities. But if you want to choose one, for me I enjoy the latest PSP version.


With so many characters, the good news is that each character is different in battle. The bad news is that some characters are not as fluid as the others and some fight clumsily. Also, with too many characters, not everyone has a lot of cool movesets.

Other than that, I really didn’t find too many negatives. I enjoyed this game tremendously.

Really, you can’t go wrong with this game. A lot of characters, very fun to play, long replay value with so many things to unlock, easy to figure out esp. if you don’t understand Japanese and it looks great on the DS.

It’s a shame that this game won’t come out soon to the US because the anime series is still behind in episodes compared to what is aired in Japan.

But the good news is that import DS games are not expensive, many different places to order import DS games and the ability to play against other people via wi-fi.

Just too awesome of a game to pass up!

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