Sure…the industry is more apt to cover and favor the next gen fighting video games but for those of us who enjoy those 2D SNK fighting games, “NeoGeo Battle Coliseum” is an exciting release featuring characters from various SNK fighting games!




RELEASE DATE: December 11, 2007

ESRB RATING: T for TEEN – Animated Blood, Suggestive Themes, Violence


A world on the verge of eternal darkness.. The Government has secretly dispatched its two best secret agents to a fighting competition known as the NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM. Their mission is to enter the competition and find out the secrets of the “Warez Conglomerate” and to stop the maniac who is reportedly planning to take down the NEOGEO world.

  • A total of 40 characters, all taken from SNK’s most popular franchises, including: METAL SLUG, KING OF FIGHTERS, SAMURAI SHOWDOWN, WORLD HEROES and many more.
  • 2-on-2 tag-team battle format. Switch tag-team members during matches.
  • Color edit Mode – Modify the appearance of your favorite characters
  • 6 hidden characters to unlock
  • Exclusive new game mode – Tag Play!

I had no idea this game was coming out or was out. Just by chance, I was looking at the new releases and a single copy of “NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM” was on the shelf and I didn’t even need to hesitate, I’m buying this game!

Just by looking at the back cover, I was thinking…”THE KING OF FIGHTERS” but from all major SNK franchises. How cool is that?

Once I started paying the game, I quickly realized how different this game was compared to previous SNK fighters. The premise is the same…fight and survive and the cheap ass boss similar to a KING OF FIGHTERS game is oh, so present. He’s definitely a cheap boss that takes a lot of energy from you and you take so little off him. But of course, what SNK fighting game would it be without the cheap ass boss.

Available to the player are the following:

ARCADE PLAY: 2-on-2 battles against the computer.

ARCADE VS. 2-on-2 battles against another player

TAG PLAY – Play a series of tag-team battles against the computer

PRACTICE – Practice your moves

SURVIVAL CHALLENGE – Play tag-team battles until both characters health reaches zero.

During ARCADE PLAY, the goal is to fight against a number of computer-controlled characters that appear one after the other and defeat them within the time limit. When you defeat three tag teams, you are offered the following BATTLE BONUS: No Bonus, Restore Health gauge, Restore Power Gauge and Time Increase.

So, you can battle 6 teams and then get to the boss. Interesting enough is that the teams you go against are not so difficult if you are familiar with fighting games. You’ll be able to breeze through the game but once you get the boss, that’s another story. No breezing through the game. This boss is insanely difficult.

But the passion of this game goes to the characters. The 40 characters are just very cool to play and because a lot of them are appearing on a fighting game for the first time, it’s definitely fun to learn a lot of them.

Also, I enjoy the speed and the combos I was able to pull off. Definitely had fun with this game and still need to beat the game with other characters. But so far, this game was definitely worth the $19.

I have read that the PAL version of the game has bugs. Some people have complained about a few bugs in the PS2 US version but I have only encountered only one crash during battle and fortunately in the beginning of the match but all in all, it only happened once and never again.

The game is actually very fun and addicting, especially with all these characters involved. Definitely enhanced the enjoyment of the overall game.

I did find the boss Mizuchi to be a cheap boss that has everything coming at you. But figured out some patterns and learning what to dodge and was able to beat it with Terry Bogard and Haohmaru, Mai Shiranui and Jin Chonshu (utilizing Jin’s transportation abilities helped), K’ and Kisarah Westfield.

Some have criticized the graphics and where is the improvement? Sure, “Street Fighter IV” is doing something different image wise and SNK has done KOF in 3D format via Maximum Impact I and II. And its not all about nostalgia for me, it’s about gameplay and just having all out fun.

This game offers quite a bit for it’s price and if you are a KOF fan or SNK fighting game fan, you definitely need to pick up “NEOGEO BATTLE COLISEUM”. You won’t be disappointed!

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