PS2 Video Game Review: World Heroes Anthology

For those who enjoyed the “World Heroes” arcade games or played it heavily on the SNES will definitely enjoy this latest anthology for the PS2!

TITLE: WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY (aka World Heroes Gorgeous)



CONSOLE: PlayStation 2

RATED: TEEN – Alcohol Influence, Animarted Blood, Violence



WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY is the complete collection (on one disc) of one of SNK’s most popular 2D fighting game series World Heroes. The titles included are: WORLD HEROES, WORLD HEROES 2, WORLD HEROES JET, and WORLD HEROES PERFECT. The collection contains 56 characters using hand-to-hand and weapons based fighting mixed with special super-human abilities enabling each character to perform special attacks.

World Heroes Anthology follows the storyline of Dr. Brown, a scientist, who having perfected a time machine has organized a fighting tournament throughout all of history to see who is the best fighter of all time. True to this plot, many of the fighters are based on actual historical figures.


  • A total of 56 characters across 4 titles.
  • Test your strength in a one fall Death Match battle in WORLD HEROES
  • Adjust the speed settings in WORLD HEROES 2 and execute the all-new counter throw and repelling moves.
  • Enter the WORLD HEROES Tournament of Titans in WORLD HEROES JET
  • Activate the “3 button” Special Move only in WORLD HEROES PERFECT.
  • Polish your skills in the exclusive Training Mode Added to the PlayStation®2 version.
  • Create your own original character with the Color Edit function.

What may possibly the most difficult SNK game that I had to track down, finally I am able to obtain the “WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY” for the PlayStation 2.

For some unknown reason both WHA and “FATAL FURY BATTLE ARCHIVES 2” have come out in April and barely any stores have received them. This includes the Gamestop/EB stores. I don’t know why and it’s rather unfortunate because SNK fans have been awaiting for these games and now, not only are these games not in these stores computer, you either pay high prices for them on eBay or get lucky to find them at a Game Crazy store (connected to Hollywood video).

Nevertheless, I am stoked to have this anthology which contains a total of four complete games: WORLD HEROES, WORLD HEROES 2, WORLD HEROES 2 JET and WORLD HEROES PERFECT

I think for me, one of the reasons why the “WORLD HEROES” has a nostalgic feeling for me is because during the time of the “Street Fighter 2” craze in the arcades, my local arcade had a Neo Geo arcade system and I would play “WORLD HEROES” because the SF2 lines were just too long.

So, then I started playing the game on the SNES and SEGA GENESIS and pretty much, just enjoying the game and playing it for hours and hours.

A month ago, I took out my SNES and SEGA GENESIS and started playing a game of “WORLD HEROES” and here I am playing it on my PS2.

The first game “WORLD HEROES” featured a total of 8 heroes and you had the three buttons – Guard, Punch and Kick. The game was straight forward and I would use the blue ninja, Hanzo Hattori mainly and would always dread going against Bruce Lee wannabe Kim Dragon. Playing it again, I never realized how cheap throwing was and how much power it took off. I never threw because back then it was standard practice in fighting games that throwing was cheap and it was frowned upon back then. But I realized that in the first game, throwing was really necessary to go against the computer.

The second game “WORLD HEROES 2” featured the three buttons but depending how your press on the punch or kick button, would determine light punch or strong punch, light kick and strong kick. The game would also feature 6 more heroes for a total of 14.

The third game “WORLD HEROES 2 JET” was rather interesting because unlike the previous two games, it was literally one against three handicap matches. Win two out of three or all three and you move on to the next round. And you gained two more new characters. When playing with this game, they added more moves but I felt that some of the movesets for someone like Hattori were too different than what I was accustomed to and I kept teleporting. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the overall game because it was different in presentation and gameplay.

The fourth game is where the Anthology truly shines, “WORLD HEROES PERFECT”. Now you get more buttons similar to “Street Fighter 2” with three buttons for punching and three buttons for kicking. Air blocking, cancellations and better animation compared to past games. You get special attacks, ultimate attacks and even more. I swear the boss Zeus is so cheap in this game but the overall challenge was great when you find the strategies to beat him.

The menu features a simple screen with the game logos on top to select from and on the bottom, this is where you can set your video and audio settings and more.

All in all, “WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY” and all SNK games are my favorite fighting games. As much as I play the heck out of the Street Fighter and Street Fighter Alpha-related games, because the sign of the times meant having to wait an hour or two to get to play the game in the arcade, all I had were the SNK games to play with in the arcade.

So, yes, there is a nostalgic factor and why I’m so interested in this fighting game.

The characters are so over the top since the main premise of the story is Professor Brown rounding up all fighters from different eras together to see who is the stronges. So, you get ninjas, sorcerers, posessed football players, wrestlers and more.

I know that many people have not played “WORLD HEROES” but the game was fun, definitely enjoyable and now people have the opportunity to play four games collected on one disc for $14.99. You can’t beat that price (especially for those of us who collected the game for older consoles).

Personally, I feel that any SNK owner purchasing all collections to not miss “WORLD HEROES ANTHOLOGY”. Without it, it’s like a big hole in your SNK fighting game library.

For those who are more in tune with next generation fighters and could care less about old school 2D fighters, then this game is probably not for you.

But for those of you who are nostalgic about this series, definitely worth the purchase. That is, if you can find it.

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