New “Ryu ga Gotoku” goes feudal on the PS4 but not coming to the U.S.? WTF!

For fans of “Ryu ga Gotoku” (or for Americans – “Yakuza”), the latest game in the series from Sega titled “Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin” (龍が如く 維新!) goes all feudal!  Set for release on February 22, 2014 for the PlayStation 4, the screen shots for the game look quite awesome!


While one of the my main reasons for enjoying the “Ryu ga Gotoku” games was for its city environment, I’m actually looking forward in seeing what Sega has planned for the game.  But whether or not it will be released in the U.S., unfortunately there is not any good news as fans have been waiting for “Yakuza 5” to be released in the US and Complex recently heard from Japan that there are no plans to localize “Yakuza 5” or “Ishin” which sucks humongous balls!

So, now four “Ryu ga Gotoku” games will not be coming out in the U.S. (this includes the two Sony PSP games).

And for that, we give Sega (or those who made the decision to localize them) a huge Mecha Punch between the legs for denying us these awesome games!

For now, I suppose all fans outside of Japan can do is watch these YouTube videos and ask themselves… “What if?”

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