No more worrying about your umbrella flipping out during a typhoon?

You have seen the typhoon videos in Japan.  Many men and women holding their umbrella, trying to protect themselves from the elements and only their umbrella turn inside out during a typhoon.

Well, maybe…just maybe…to help remedy that, h-concept has developed the UnBRELLA (the Upside Down Umbrella), which according to the company:


Upside Down Umbrella to eliminate the discomfort of a rainy day, it is the birth of a whole new umbrella! When closed, because the surface wet is on the inside, without luggage or clothes get wet, even in crowds, such as a crowded train, that are annoying to people around you will be less. In addition, when out of the car and shops, it is convenient body is hard to wet. Also when you want to place a little, it is the comfort me self-sustained without umbrella stand.

So, you can get out of the car without getting it wet, you can stand the UnBRELLA without having to hang or set it against a wall.

While we are not sure if this umbrella is tough enough to contend against the most lightweight typhoons, at least we know that companies are still being creative when it comes to something as ordinary as an umbrella.

The UnBRELLA will be available in light blue, navy and turqoise and will be ready by mid-February 2014 for 9,450 yen.

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