We love Goose house and their J-Pop covers!

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For the past three years, I have been telling friends on Facebook of how much I love Goose house. This group of several talented vocalists and musicians perform covers of major artists but also creating their own original music and releasing them online.

The group consists of d-iZe (often on keyboards/vocals), Kei Takebuchi (vocals), Shuhei Kudo (acoustic guitar), Migiwa Takezawa (guitar), Manami (guitar), Sayaka (keyboard), Shuhei Watanabe (guitar) and Johnny Saito (guitar).

And what I enjoy is their enthusiasm when performing a song and the fact that they perform the music of their covers without fearing a Japanese label will delete them on YouTube.

The group recently posted six videos today, so today…I want to share some of that Goose house love with you!

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