Johnny’s groups KANJANI8 and KinKi Kids take the #1 spot in Japan for Oricon singles and album charts


Today in Japan, KANJANI8 has taken the #1 spot with their latest single “Kokoro sora moyou” with 100,882 copies sold, Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE came #2 with “SO RIGHT” with over 56,000 copies sold and boy band Shinee took the #3 spot with “3 2 1” with over 42,000 copies sold.

On the album charts, KinKi Kids took the #1 spot with “L Album” which sold 75,613 copies for the day, RIP SLYME’s “Golden Time” sold 9,031 copies and “Mariya’s Songbook” took #3 with 7,342 copies sold.

Because Johnny’s Entertainment forbids their images from being used on Amazon and Oricon, if you see this big black box as an image, it’s because it’s a Johnny’s group.

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