AKB48 takes #1 spot on the Oricon Singles Daily Chart and Girls Generation takes #1 on the Oricon Daily Album Chart


Congratulations to AKB48 for taking the #1 spot for their 34th CD single “Suzukake no ki no michi de [kimi no hohoemi o yume ni miru] to itte shimattara bokutachi no kankei wa dou kawatte shimau no ka, boku nari ni nannichi ka kangaeta ue de no yaya kihazukashii ketsuron no you na mono” (君の微笑みを夢に見る」と言ってしまったら僕たちの関係はどう変わってしまうのか、僕なりに何日か考えた上でのやや気恥ずかしい結論のようなもの).  The single sold 916,912 copies for its first day.

While the single is much sold lower on its first day compared to “Ue no Kara Mariko” (which sold 959,280 copies in its first day), typically senbatsu end of the year singles tend to be not as strong as regular AKB48 singles in sales and that by the end of the week, there is no doubt that sales will pick up and sales to show that over a million copies sold.

At #1 on the Oricon Album Charts is Girls Generation with their CD+Blu-ray of “Love & Peace” which sold 37,486 copies!  While I have not listened to this release, what I like about it is the fact that it is a CD+Blu-ray release.  A CD+DVD release is also available but I do hope this becomes common to see CD+Blu-ray and it becoming a standard in the music industry!

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