SMAP and Kobukuro take the #1 spot in Japan for Oricon singles and album charts (December 18, 2013)


Today in Japan, SMAP has taken the #1 spot on the Oricon Daily Charts with their latest single “Shareotsu” with 122,098 copies sold, UVERworld was #2 with “Nano Second” with over 28,492 copies sold and boy band U-KISS takes the #3 spot with “Fall in Love/Shape of your heart”.


On the album charts, Kobukuro took the #1 spot with “One Song from Two Hearts” which sold 45,974 copies for the day, BENI’s “COVERS 3” was #2 and sold 9,203 copies sold and CODE-V was #3 with “Yoyogi” which sold 9,058 copies.

NOTE: Because Johnny’s Entertainment forbids their images from being used on Amazon and Oricon, if you see this big black box as an image, it’s because it’s a Johnny’s group.

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