AKB48 member Amina Sato to graduate


Team K’s Amina Sato is graduating from AKB48 to pursue a career of being a voice actress.

Amina announced her decision to graduate from AKB48 at a Team K performance at the AKB48 Theater on Dec. 22nd.

Amina Sato joined AKB48 as kenkyuusei in 2007 and was promoted to Team A in 2008.

Amina won the hearts of AKB48 fans during the first General Election back in 2009 when she took the #8 position back in 2010.

In 2011, she was selected as a voice actress for “AKB0048” for the character Ichijo Yuuka and became a member of the unit, NO NAME which provided the theme songs for “AKB0048”.

Her speech of how she didn’t feel she could shine like the other AKB48 members who have been on magazines or television touched everyone’s heart because she was seen as an unlikely member to make it in the top 16.  But she did it for two years and has continued to rank in senbatsu and was a big part of the early AKB48 singles.

Amina Sato has always continued to remain positive and after participating in the anime series “AKB0048”, she wants to pursue a career as a voice actress.

Although her graduation date is not yet known, it is sad to see another original member of AKB48 graduating.


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