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McDonalds Japan goes retro “American Vintage Life”



Starting on January 7, 2014, McDonald’s Japan will be showcasing their “American Vintage Life” meals which include the “Double Beef” burger (which features two patties, Chicago Steak Sauce and an egg), Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich and Classic Fries with Cheese.


64th Annual Kohaku Uta Gassen schedule is out!

For those looking forward to NHK’s annual red and white battle, Kohaku Uta Gassen, here is the schedule for the first half and second half:

1 浜崎あゆみ「INSPIRE」 
2 Sexy Zone「Sexy平和Zone組曲」 
3 NMB48「カモネギックス」 
4 細川たかし「浪花節だよ人生は2013」 
5 德永英明「夢を信じて」 
6 香西かおり「酒のやど」 
7 郷ひろみ「Bang Bang」 
8 E-girls「E-girls 紅白スペシャルメドレー2013」 
9 三代目 J Soul Brothers「冬物語」 
10 伍代夏子「金木犀」 
11 AAA「恋音と雨空」 
12 福田こうへい「南部蝉しぐれ」 
13 藤あや子「紅い糸」 
14 サカナクション「ミュージック」 
15 miwa「ヒカリヘ」 
16 ポルノグラフィティ「青春花道」 
17 天童よしみ「ふるさと銀河」 
18 Linked Horizon「紅蓮の弓矢 [紅白スペシャルVer.]」 
19 水樹奈々×T.M.Revolution「-革命2013– 紅白スペシャルコラボレーション」 
20 SKE48「賛成カワイイ!」 
21 森進一「襟裳岬」 
22 坂本冬美「男の火祭り」 
23 コブクロ「今、咲き誇る花たちよ」 

24 EXILE「EXILE PRIDE ~こんな世界を愛するため~」 
25 ももいろクローバーZ「ももいろ紅白2013だZ!!」 
26 ゴールデンボンバー「女々しくて」 
27 aiko「Loveletter」 
28 氷川きよし「満天の瞳」 
29 西野カナ「さよなら」 
31 和田アキ子「今でもあなた」 
32 DREAMS COME TRUE「さぁ鐘を鳴らせ」 
33 関ジャニ∞「紅白2度目!  呼ばれて飛び出てじぇじぇじぇじぇ!!」 
34 きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ「紅白2013きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

35 五木ひろし「博多ア・ラ・モード」 
36 Perfume「Magic of Love」 
37 ゆず「雨のち晴レルヤ」 
38 水森かおり「伊勢めぐり」 
39 石川さゆり「津軽海峡・冬景色」 
40 美輪明宏「ふるさとの空の下に」 
41 AKB48「紅白2013SP~AKB48フェスティバル!~」 
42 福山雅治「2013スペシャルメドレー」 
43 泉谷しげる「春夏秋冬2014」 
44 いきものがかり「笑顔」 
45 嵐「New Year’s Eve Medley 2013」 
46 松田聖子&クリス・ハート「New Year’s Eve Special Love Song Medley 2013」 
47 髙橋真梨子「for you・・・」 
48 SMAP「Joymap!!」 
49 北島三郎「まつり」



Hey! Say! JUMP and Sandaime J Soul Brothers take the #1 spot on the Oricon Daily Charts


For single releases, Hey! Say! JUMP took the #1 spot on the Oricon Daily Charts with their single “Ride With Me”, followed by Yuzu who was #2 with “Hyori Ittai” and SMAP staying strong at #3 with “Shareotsu”.

Meanwhile for albums on the Oricon Album Daily Charts, Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE is at #1 with “THE BEST”, at #2 is the final Watariroka Hashiritai album “Watari Roka wo Yukkuri Arukitai” and at #3, “Uta no Prince Sama – Shining Mascarade” album.

Momoiro Clover to release live Blu-ray/DVD on January 29th


Momoiro Clover Z will be releasing their upcoming “Natsu no Bakasawagi WORLD SUMMER DIVE 2013.8.4 Nissan Stadium Taikai” Live Blu-ray on January 29th.

The live concert performance which took place on August 4th, attracted 60,000 people and featured special guests Hotei Tomoyasu, Matsuzaki Shigeru and more.

The 278 minute Blu-ray and DVD release will include 44 minutes of bonus features.

What to expect on the Blu-ray (in Japanese):

・overture ~ももいろクローバーZ参上!!~
・PUSH with 布袋寅泰
・サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ with 布袋寅泰
・上を向いて歩こう ~ ゲッダーン!
・ワニとシャンプー with 箕輪はるか(ハリセンボン)
・5 The POWER
・「夏のバカチャレンジ2.~武井壮ライブ中に短距離対決 vs. 百田夏菜子~」VTR
・上球物語 -Carpe diem-
・BIONIC CHERRY ~「夏のバカチャレンジ2.~武井壮ライブ中に短距離対決 vs. 百田夏菜子~」
・「夏のバカチャレンジ3.~ライブ中にサッカー対決 チームバカ騒ぎ vs. サッカーオールスターズ~」
・Chai Maxx
・バンビーナ / 布袋寅泰
・さくらさくら ~ ニッポン笑顔百景


AKB48 Team A’s Kawaei Rina to star in NTV drama “SHARK”


AKB48 Team A member Kawaei Rina will be appearing on the NTV drama “SHARK” on January 11th. Kawaei told the media that it’s her dream to become an actress and she is inspired by Oshima Yuko with how she balanced herself on AKB48 and as an actress. Kawaei said she was very nervous because there are no other AKB48 members in this drama but she is having fun working on the drama. Kawaei expressed that she wants to do more acting in 2014.

Goose house vocalist Takebuchi Kei to release a solo mini-album from Sony Music Records Inc.


Congratulations to Goose house vocalist Takebuchi Kei who will have a solo mini-album released by Sony Music Records Inc.  The mini-album is set for release on March 5, 2014 and is part of the “Goose house x Sony Music Records Inc.” project, so hopefully this may mean other Goose house vocalists getting an opportunity.

For those not familiar with Goose house, they consists of talented vocalists and music artists who gained in popularity for posting their covers on YouTube.  The group have their own indie albums releases but the group have become a social media success with over 220 million YouTube views.

“Puzzle & Dragons Z” (パズドラZ) is the #1 game of the week in Japan


The #1 game in Japan for the week goes to “Puzzle & Dragons Z” for the 3DS from Gung Ho Online Entertainment which sold 543,630 copies for the week of 12/9-12/15.

“Pokemon X/Y” for the 3DS continues to have strong sales after two months of release, selling 159,244 copies and “Super Mario 3D World” for the Wii U was #3 with 57,862 copies sold.


What I’m Listening to: SKE48’s “Sansei Kawaii!” (賛成カワイイ!) (all types)