In memory of William Ma of Beyblade Geeks


On New Year’s Day, while watching the little ones engaging in Beyblade battles, I was told by one of them that William Ma of the popular YouTube channel Beyblade Geeks and Geeks Dosage died in a collision north of Calgary on the Queen Elizabeth 2 Highway on November 20th.

This was a shock to their viewers as William and his buddies (BBG brothers online – Steven and Brendan) were popular online but William was also well-known for his work outside of YouTube.  I happened to have followed them since the very beginning of both channels, their app and just amazed at the success these guys had, but how much they had together may it be shopping in HK, in their local area,  Toys ‘R Us or engaging in Beyblade Battles.

But as these guys had hundreds of thousands of views, outside of BBG, William had a bright future.

In April 2013, the Grant MacEwan University student won $10,000 in a Project U essay contest that asked the question, “How would u change the world with $5,000”.  The money went to pay his school tuition and the other half would be donated to a cause of his choice, which was the Ronald McDonald House.

According to the Edmonton Explorer, “Ma used his essay to write about the importance of family, by detailing the struggles his parents faced when Ma was faced with a serious illness as a child. His girlfriend An Nguyen is a volunteer at Ronald McDonald House, which provides a home for families from out of town who have children staying at nearby hospitals.”

A scholarship was created in William’s name and for those who want more information, can visit the following Facebook page.  William’s obituary can be found here.

But having been there since the beginning of their YouTube channel and what they have done to promote the Takara Tomy & Hasbro toys on YouTube, here are my favorite videos featuring William on YouTube with his BBG bros!  RIP William and our condolences to his family and his BBG family!

And the following is William’s last BBG recording which was posted in Dec. 2013:

UPDATE: Steven and Brendan posted the following video

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