YOSHIKI, Buffalo Daughter, Starmarie, HAPPY, mothercoat, vampillia and more to perform and appear at SXSW


It was announced that YOSHIKI, Buffalo Daughter, Starmarie, GEZAN, Jungles from Red Bacteria Vacuum, [champagne], HAPPY, The Starbem, mothercoat, vampillia and more are to appear at SXSW in Dallas, Texas on March 7 through the 16th.

Here is the list of artists from Japan to appear as of right now:

YOSHIKI、Buffalo Daughter、[Champagne]、下山(GEZAN)、HAPPY、THE STARBEMS、センチメンタル・シティ・ロマンス、Vampillia、Starmarie、山崎千裕+ROUTE14band、 Zarigani$、Jungles from Red Bacteria Vacuum、mothercoat、Romi、Mayu Wakisaka


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