Shinoda Mariko reveals why she cut her hair as a member of AKB48


Former AKB48 member Shinoda Mariko (27) will always be remembered as the elder AKB48 member, the 1.5 gen member who was originally an employee for the cafe right next to the AKB48 theater.  When fans wrote in to management wanting her to become a member of AKB48, she was given a task to memorize many songs and sure enough, she did and became a member of AKB48.

But while many people identify her with her short hair (as many members had long hair), at a festival for “女子力UP!女のコのための●(=ハート)冬の学園祭2014” , Shinoda Mariko made a confession to the audience that the reason why she cut her hair short was because she was forced by management to do so.  She cried on the day they made her do it but she also said that because she had short hair, it made her a prominent member of AKB48 and that it has become her favorite hairstyle.


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