Suki-tte ii na yo. (Say “I Love You”) Vol. 12 by Kanae Hazuki is the #1 manga in Japan for the week


Kanae Hazuki’s “Suki-tte ii na yo” (Say “I Love You”) vol. 12 is the #1 manga of the week seeling 116,362 copies. Ayu Watanabe’s “L-DK” vol. 14 is #2, selling 67,783 copies and the #3 manga of the week goes to Hideaki Sorachi’s “Gin Tama” vol. 53 which was #1 last week and sold an additional 66,292 copies this week.

The Top 10 selling manga of the week are as follows:

  1. Suki-tte ii na yo (Say “I Love You”)
  2. L-DK Vol. 14
  3. Gin Tama Vol. 53
  4. Shokugeki no Soma Vol. 6
  5. Kaicho wa Maid-sama Vol. 18
  6. Taiyou no ie Vol. 10
  7. Douse mou Nigeranai vol. 6
  8. Yozakura Quartet Vol. 15
  9. Gunka no Baltzar Vol. 6
  10. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei  Vol. 3

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