SKE48 takes the #1 position on the CD singles charts but are their single debut sales slipping?


The good news for SKE48 fans is that the group debuted at #1, the bad news is  that like “Sansei Kawaii”, sales are starting to slip for the group.

First day sales for “Mirai to wa?” was 273,740 copies sold, while second day was at 88,431.

Fans have pointed towards the fact that the reason for the lower sales is because of the short release dates between groups.  HKT48’s single was released last week, this week is SKE48 and NMB48 is to release their latest single next week.

SKE48 also has had a good number of major members announcing their graduation from the group and it remains to be seen if the close proximity of releases instead of months of separation will be a factor of lower sales.

But while the sales for SKE48 have slipped for this latest single, it’s important to note that the sales are still fantastic in Japan as many artists do not sell over a 100,000 copies of CD singles.  But hopefully with the indication of these last two singles, hopefully we will see an upward trend for sales rather than downward.

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