Will Nogizaka46’s Ikoma Rina take part in the general elections?


After reading Yahoo! News about the excitement of Nogizaka46’s Ikoma Rina possibly being part of the general elections (as well as concerns from their fans), now Ikoma is not sure if she wants to be part of it and seems conflicted if she should or shouldn’t take part in it.

As the concurrency for Ikoma Rina as an AKB48 Team B member is a fascinating experience, there are fans who are supportive and not supportive of Nogizaka46 being mixed into the AKB48G, especially of how the group was supposed to be a rival of AKB48.

But the rivalry has wore thin as AKB48 members and Nogizaka46 members have appeared on each other’s variety show or had some interaction together, but I think the main worry for AKB48G fan is a Nogizaka46 member taking a position in Senbatsu over someone they love? Or worried that she may place high?

Whichever direction Ikoma Rina chooses, she’ll have her fans/followers supporting her regardless and as for the others?  As they say… “haters gonna hate”!

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