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Iriyama Anna makes surprise call on All Night Nippon


Iriyama Anna made a surprise phone call on Nippon Broadcasting’s “All Night Nippon”.

The program which is hosted by Yokoyama Yui, Matsui Sakiko and Shimada Haruka featured an upbeat Iriyama.  Iriyama told the listeners that she apologized for having many people worry for her.  Iriyama added that she wants to do her best when she returns and wants to meet everyone soon.

The cast told Iriyama that they wanted to hear her cheerful voice and Iriyama told them that she was happy to appear on the show.

Earlier in the day, Kawaei Rina made a call appearance on Fuji TV’s “Viking”.


AKB48 makes first appearance at media event with increased security/staff presence



AKB48 attended their first event on May 28th since the handshake incident.  The event was for a dart machine sales event, “DARTSLIVE” for Darts Tokyo.

The event was limited to media and four security guards plus 10 staff members accompanied the six AKB48 members.

Kawaei Rina calls live on the air on Fuji TV’s “Viking”


Kawaei appeared via phone on Fuji TV’s “Viking”. Kawaei called in and in laughter, said “Hai, Konnichiwa”. Kawaei told her co-stars that she is fine and that she has been sleeping a lot. Kawaei told her co-stars that she was eating an Acai bowl and watching too much TV. Also, Kawaei denied all rumors that she was graduating from AKB48 and that she was surprised by reports that she may be graduating. She also said that she wants to apologize to everyone for making them worry and she wants to concentrate on her health and getting better.

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Ebichu, SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, GEM, Happiness also cancelled upcoming handshake events




After the attacks on AKB48 members Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna by a man who admitted that his goal was to murder them, other management from different companies are looking at security for handshake events.

Along with AKB48, which has installed metal detectors at the entrance to AKB48 and NMB48 Theater, Ebichu, SUPER☆GiRLS, Cheeky Parade, GEM, Happiness also cancelled upcoming handshake events.

Hello! Project intends to continue their upcoming handshake events as planned.

AKB48’s Rina Kawaei and Anna Iriyama post on Google+ days after attack



Both Kawaei Rina and Anna Iriyama are recuperating from their injuries suffered from an attacker. Both posted on Google+ to discuss their recovery. Kawaei will be featured via video ala cell on her Fuji TV show “Viking”, while Iriyama shown with her fractured thumb, intends to keep smiling after what had taken place.

Meanwhile, Kawaei’s drama, “Sailor Zombie” episode 7 was postponed. Staff for the drama series have wished Kawaei a speedy recovery.

AKB48 captain Takahashi Minami posted on Google+ about how proud she is of the staff that protected Kawaei and Iriyama but also how sad and frustrated she is. Frustrated because of the acts of one, selfish person who was not a fan. Takamina feels that handshake events are important and how she loves meeting with her fans. It’s important to AKB48 and the fans for the ties they have built. And right now, she’s scared…scared of losing that special feeling with the fans that she does not want to lose.

Sashihara Rino makes an announcement on Twitter about the attacks on Kawaei and Iriyama


While AKB48 members have been silent since a crazed lunatic attacked Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna this past Sunday, AKB48’s Sashihara Rino has posted several tweets. The following is a translation of the tweets:

Thank you everyone for your encouraging messages. I have since e-mailed both of them. I was worried for all three of them but I am relieved when I heard they are recovering.

I do apologize for those who have been worried.  I cannot forgive the attacker when I think of how he traumatized Ricchan, Annin and staff. Especially the fans that witnessed the incident. We do not want to lose any communication with fans because of this one person’s action.

I really love the warm, family-like feeling at handshake events. I  know there will be increased security but I still want to have that warm feeling. I am eagerly waiting for the day when we can meet again in peace and chat with each other. I don’t know when the event will resume, or in what form, but it will be difficult if we lose this form of communication. I love idols, so I am really hoping that these handshakes, not just AKB but other similar events, will not be lost.”

All AKB48 appearances and events will be suspended temporarily, AKB48 Theater closed until May 31st


Due to the AKB48 attack which left members Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna plus a staff member injured, AKB48 Theater will be closed through the 31st. King Records also wants to put all handshake events off until they thoroughly address security concerns and make sure this incident does not happen again. TV appearances and also events are suspended for the time being.

Iriyama and Kawaei released from the hospital


AKB48 members Iriyama Anna (18) and Kawaei Rina (19) were released from the hospital, a day after they were attacked by a crazed unemployed man named Satoru Umeta who admitted to police that he was not a fan and wanted to randomly murder someone. Umeta has been charged for attempted murder.

Kawaei briefly talked with reporters to say, “We’ve caused you worry, but we are returning to Tokyo now”.