Kawaei Rina, Iriyama Anna and venue staff member injured by crazed person with a handsaw at handshake event



On May 25th at the handshake meeting in Iwate (at Iwate Inudstrial Culture Center), Kawae Rina, Iriyama Anna and a venue staff member were injured by an attack by a man holding a hand saw.

The injuries were not life threatening but the event has been canceled.  More information coming soon.

UPDATE: Kawaei suffered a fractured thumb and cut on her right hand.  Iriyama suffered a fracture on  her right pinky and a cut on her right arm and a head laceration.  A staff member was cut in his right arm.

The 24-year-old man has been arrested and charged for attempted murder.  The man is from Towada and is unemployed according to NTV.

This was the first time a Japanese performer was attacked during a handshake meeting.

Other incidents including attacks on performers have happened in the past.

In 1957, a crazed fan of Hibari Misora threw hydrochloric acid on the singer at Asakusa International Theater.

In 1963, a crazed fan of Yoshinaga Sayuri broke into the home of the actress carrying a pistol.  The man said he wanted to tattoo his name on the Sayuri’s arm or leg.  The man shot a police officer that was pursuing him.  At the time, Sayuri and her family were away from home.

In 1983, a mentally ill man attacked Matsuda Seiko with a metal pipe during a performance in front of 6,000 people Osaka.  Matsuda fainted during the attack and was taken to the hospital immediately for her head injury.

In 2002, Johnny’s Jr. member Yamashita Tomohisa was attacked by a man who poured liquid on him and the man ingested a liquid.

In 2013, Ninety-Nine member Okamura Takashi was pelted and inured by a bottle thrown at his forehead during an appearance in Kobe.

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