THE ROXIE launches “NIPPON NIGHTS”, a Monthly Film Series! devoted to Japanese Cinema! – August/Sept. 2014

THE ROXIE launches “NIPPON NIGHTS”, a Monthly Film Series devoted to Japanese Cinema!

San Francisco (6.24.14) – The Roxie Theater is proud to announce Nippon Nights,
a new monthly series dedicated to Japanese cinema. The first season, titled “Neon
Tokyo”, throws the spotlight on the popular genre of Anime. The series opens on
July 16 with SHORT PEACE, a program of four shorts that includes the 2013 Oscar
nominated short “Possessions” and Katsuhiro Otomo’s latest work “Combustible”.
Nippon Nights is scheduled to continue in August and September, with AKIRA (on
35mm) directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, on Thursday, August 21st, and TAMALA
2010: A Punk Cat in Space & WAKE UP!! TAMALA directed by t.o.L on Thursday,
September 25th.!

“The Nippon Nights series was conceived in response to Roxie audience requests
for Japanese cinema – particularly Anime films such as Akira and Tamala” said
programmer Fuyumi Saito. “It was logical to kick off the series with a sampling of
animated films that represent the Japanese mastery of this genre. In a wider sense,
Nippon Nights is an effort to shine a light on the richness of Japanese cinema” Saito
said. “We will dramatically bridge different styles, genres and generations
throughout the series, giving local cinephiles the opportunity to further engage with
Japanese cinema, history and culture.”!

Nippon Nights is curated by Japan native programmer Fuyumi Saito. The series is
endorsed by the Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco and co-presented by
CAAM. The promotional partner is btrax.!

Admission: General $10, Senior $7.5 Shows start at 7:00 pm, except for AKIRA, on
August 21st, which starts at 8:00pm. Tickets will be available at the door and online

Schedule and Lineup!


#JULY. 16th (WED) 7:00pm!

Omnibus of animations including Oscar nominated short film “Possessions” and
the one by the creator of “AKIRA”, Katsuhiro Otomo “Combustible”. Four
amazing directors have created four astounding animated films.!

In 1995, Katsuhiro Otomo’s epic anthology MEMORIES showcased the work of
upcoming superstars of the anime world. Now, Otomo’s spotlight shifts to a fresh
generation of master creators with an all-new anthology of visionary films: A lone
traveler is confronted by unusual spirits in an abandoned shrine in the 2013
Academy Award® nominated POSSESSIONS (TSUKUMO), directed by Shuhei
Morita (COICENT, KAKURENBO). A mysterious white bear defends the royal family
from the predations of a red demon in the brutal GAMBO, directed by Hiroaki Ando
(FIVE NUMBERS!) from REDLINE’s Katsuhito Ishii’s original story with character
designs by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (NEON GENESIS EVANGELION). The focus shifts
from supernatural to science fiction for the action packed A FAREWELL TO
Katoki helms Otomo’s tour-de-forcesaga of men battlingrobotic tanks in apocalyptic
Tokyo, while grandmaster Otomohimself assumes the directorial reigns for a
spectacular tale of love, honor and firefighting in ancient Japan with the multi-award
winning COMBUSTIBLE (HI-NO-YOUJIN). Prepare your senses for these animated
films that are taking the critical world by storm as a new era in anime is ushered in
with Katsuhiro Otomo’s SHORT PEACE!!

“COMBUSTIBLE” directed by Katsuhiro Otomo (“AKIRA”)!
“POSSESSIONS” directed by Shuhei Morita (Oscar nominated)!
“GAMBO” directed by Hirokai Ando!


#AUG. 21st (THU) 8:00pm!
AKIRA 124min (35mm print)!

Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo!
Clandestine army activities threaten the war torn city of Neo-Tokyo when a
mysterious being with powerful psychic abilities escapes his prison and
inadvertently draws a violent motorcycle gang into a heinous web of
experimentation. As a result, a biker with a twisted mind embarks on a path of war,
seeking revenge against a society what once called him weak.!

The film depicts a dystopian version of Tokyo in the year 2019,
with cyberpunk tones. The plot focuses on teenage biker Tetsuo Shima and his
psychic powers, and the leader of his biker gang, Shotaro Kaneda. Kaneda tries to
prevent Tetsuo from releasing the imprisoned psychic Akira. While most of the
character designs and settings were adapted from the original 2182-page manga
epic, the restructured plot of the movie differs considerably from the print version,
pruning much of the last half of the manga. It became a hugely popular cult film and
is widely considered to be a landmark in Japanese animation.!


#Sep. 25th (THU) 7:00pm-
TAMALA 2010: A Punk Cat in Space 92min / Wake Up!! TAMALA 17min!

Directed by t.o.L!
“TAMALA 2010: A Punk Cat in Space”!
“TAMALA”, Japanese animated film about kitten from the Planet of Cats, who sets
out to solve the mystery of her birth. With large eyes and a cherubic face she is cute
enough to make you go crazy for her (until she opens her mouth, that is!) Don’t be
fooled by her innocent face; TAMALA is a real hell-on-wheels, bitter-sweet punk cat.!

“Wake Up!! TAMALA”!
In 2010, the new “TAMALA” film project started in cooperation with one of the
world’s most famous environmental preservation funds, WWF Japan. 『Wakeup!!
TAMALA』 depicts a vision of a crisis which has seen biodiversity destroyed by
human civilization during poetic time travel with TAMALA. The subject of death and
rebirth, as the place of origin of its concept, has been set in this film with the
perspective of the nature conservation.”

The Roxie is the country’s oldest continually operating theater; turning 100 in 2009.
It has been functioning as an independent art house theater since the 1970s,
showing the best of art, music, foreign and documentary films. In 2009, the Roxie
became a certified 501c (3) non-profit. The Roxie is deeply committed to providing
diverse audiences with affordable access to cutting-edge new works, vital and
forgotten older titles, and fiercely independent and socially conscious programming
in an inspiring environment.!

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