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Perfume makes appearance at the opening of OK Go’s “I Won’t Let You Down” music video


Chicago’s OK Go released their music video “I Will Not Let You Down” and it’s receiving a lot of buzz because of the appearance of J-Pop trio, Perfume.

The music video features OK Go on Honda electric motorcycle, UNI-CUB.

The single is available on iTunes and can be found on their album “Hungry Ghost”.

Kashiwagi Yuki voted as AKB48 member that would be a good wife

20141028-00038673-r25-001-1-viewA poll was conducted of which AKB48 member would be a good wife and Kashiwagi “Yukirin” Yuki won by a huge percentage at 43% over #2 Watanabe “Mayuyu” Mayu (36%) and #3 Takahashi (Takamina) Minami at 35.5%.

Sashihara Rino was fourth at 31.5%, Yokoyama Yui was fifth at 24%, Yamamoto Sayaka was #6 with 20.0%, Kojima Haruna was #7 at 19.0, Matsui Rena was #8 with 16.5%, Jurina Matsui was #9 with 15.5% and Ikoma Rina was #10 at 13.0%.


1位 柏木由紀 43.0%
2位 渡辺麻友 36.0%
3位 高橋みなみ 35.5%
4位 指原莉乃 31.5%
5位 横山由依 24.0%
6位 山本 彩 20.0%
7位 小嶋陽菜 19.0%
8位 松井玲奈 16.5%
9位 松井珠理奈 15.5%
10位 生駒里奈 13.0%


Nogizaka46 member Matsumura Sayuri apologizes to fans on her blog


Matsumura Sayuri (Sayuringo) has had a tough 2014 after the Bunshun scandal (she was spotted kissing a married man, a former editor at Young Jump and a video was posted).

Matsumura apologized to her fans in her blog and that because of the recent handshake meeting and fans reminding her to post on her blog, she will now continue to post on her blog little by little.

SKE48 Sentai Sub-Unit for Marumiya



Idol group SKE48 has a new sentai unit to promote Marumiya’s sprinkle condiment Kodaware Furikake “こだわり食感ふりかけ”.

Members Sato Sumire, Oba Mina, Furukawa Airi and Takayanagi Akane are the primary members of the group.

The CM will air on November 1st.

Mobile Suit Gundam 35th Anniversary swag at 7-11


What a great time to be Gundam fan…especially knowing that 7-11 keeps feeding us Ichiban Kuji swag!

For Mobile Suit Gundam fans, the following MSG swag will be available at 7-11 as prizes:

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 10.59.29 PM

Koda Kumi celebrating 15th anniversary with Oculus 360 degree 3D technology for new music video



Leave it to Koda Kumi to take advantage of the Oculus technology!  Koda Kumi will be celebrating her 15th year anniversary with a 360 degree 3D music video for “Dance in the Rain”.  The music video will be available on November 5th.

UPDATE: Shoko Nakagawa fractures tailbone


Not many stars can make light of their personal situation, especially if it has to do with fracturing her tailbone, but that is what Shoko Nakagawa did.

On her blog after her performance in Osaka, Shokotan had an emergency x-ray that showed that she fractured a bone and is in severe pain when she rolls over it because it’s not something she can be fixed that easily.  But despite the pain that she may be feeling, she is going to continue and perform, as her fans help her overcome the pain she is feeling.



Shokotan has uploaded images on her blog of her having to go through injections in order to prepare for her next live event.  Hopefully she can do it!

Matsumura Sayuri appears on Music Station after Bunshun video is posted


It has been another difficult week for Matsumura Sayuri.  As the Nogizaka46 talent made her tearful apology a week ago, the tabloid Bunshun refuted the apology by posting a video.  Also, outting two more Nogizaka46 members, Yamato Rina for staying overnight at a male model’s home and Hatanaka Seira going to a celebrity bar (she is underage).

The Bunshun video of Matsumura was leaked on YouTube and shows Matsumura and the Young Jump editor together, holding hands and kissing in public:

But also featured audio recording capturing the two in a conversation, which refutes what Matsumura said in her apology.

Recently, Nogizaka46 was on “Music Station” to promote their latest single and while everyone was laughing and smiling to the camera, Matsumura stayed in the back corner, not in her usual enthusiastic self and often not looking at the camera.