Matsumura Sayuri appears on Music Station after Bunshun video is posted


It has been another difficult week for Matsumura Sayuri.  As the Nogizaka46 talent made her tearful apology a week ago, the tabloid Bunshun refuted the apology by posting a video.  Also, outting two more Nogizaka46 members, Yamato Rina for staying overnight at a male model’s home and Hatanaka Seira going to a celebrity bar (she is underage).

The Bunshun video of Matsumura was leaked on YouTube and shows Matsumura and the Young Jump editor together, holding hands and kissing in public:

But also featured audio recording capturing the two in a conversation, which refutes what Matsumura said in her apology.

Recently, Nogizaka46 was on “Music Station” to promote their latest single and while everyone was laughing and smiling to the camera, Matsumura stayed in the back corner, not in her usual enthusiastic self and often not looking at the camera.

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