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NMB48 shocker – Yamada Nana announces her graduation from the group


In a shocking surprise at NMB48’s concert, one of the more visible members of the group, Yamada Nana, has announced her graduation from NMB48 with the final day to be on April 3rd.

Kojizaka46 makes their music debut


Kojizaka46 featuring AKB48 member Kojima Haruna started off as a gag during the janken taikai.  But now it has become a reality as the Kojiharu inspired group made their debut in a surprise performance at a Nogizaka46 concert and performed a new song titled “Kaze no Rasen” (Spiral of wind).



Oshima Yuko is shutting down her blog


Former AKB48 member Oshima Yuko is shutting down her blog on October 15th.

Oshima posted her message to everyone of how she wanted to look forward to new memories.

Yuko started her Ameba blog back in Sept. 2009.

Longtime AKB48 member Kobayashi Kana stopped by security guard while going to the dressing room

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 8.09.34 PM

Life is not easy if your an idol, especially when there are so many members in a group.

AKB48’s Kobayashi Kana, who has been part of the group since 2006, wrote on her blog that she was stopped by a security guard while heading to the AKB48 Team K dressing room.

But Kana took everything in stride.

Documentary of NMB48 to hit theaters next summer


With last week’s announcement of “Documentary of SKE48″, NMB48 fans wondered…”What about NMB48?”.  It was announced in Japan that “Documentary of NMB48” will be released in theaters and a website has been created for it.

YuiKaori to release new single “NEO SIGNALIFE” on January 7, 2015


On January 7, 2015, YuiKaori will release their new single “NEO SIGNALIFE”.  The single will be their 10th CD single and will hold a three city tour in November.

Hofu, Yamaguchi Man arrested for violating Japanese copyright law

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 11.04.46 PM

For fans of Japanese entertainment and have been used to watching them live on Dailymotion, many will find that many of the episodes uploaded on the video streaming site are now gone.  52-year-old Fujimura Hideaki of Hofu, Yamaguchi prefecture was arrested by Fukushima Prefecture’s cyber crimes unit for uploading over 2,600 videos featuring content from the popular TV networks using various usernames.


AKB48 members get their breasts examined?


On AKB48 Shirabe (October 15th on Fuji TV), AKB48 members get to learn about breast examinations.  The episode will air at 12:10-12:35 a.m and the variety show is hosted by Tsuchiya Teruyuki and HKT48’s Sashihara Rino and the special guest will be Kumada Yoko.