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What prank does Mecha Ike have planned for in the AKB48 2-hour special on December 6th?





It appears that Mecha Ike has the ultimate joke to pull on AKB48.  Takamina will say she was caught up in a scandal and will be forced to leave the group.  If this was the case, this special will surely have be watch!!!

Judging by the preview, members of MechaIke will score the person who gives off the best expression.

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AKB48’s Tanamin’s ankle injury is worse than expected



AKB48’s Miku Tanabe (Tanamin) blogged that the sprained right ankle that she suffered was not sprain but a ligament tear.

Tanamin will not be able to dance for awhile and hopes to get back on stage soon.

Nogizaka46’s Mai Shiraishi to release her first photobook



She’s one of the more popular members of Nogizaka46 and now Mai Shiraishi will be releasing her first photobook.

Featuring photos by Kishin Shinoyama, the book will be released on December 10th.

The book will be 132-pages and will cost Y1574 + tax.

PS Vita “Winter Love” Commercial

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 11.54.04 PM

Just in time for the holidays…a hilarious PS Vita CM!  The commercial is for Sony PS Vita’s “Winter Love” promoting the Vita Value Pack!

AKB48 Team Surprise Project “Reborn” to be featured on November 26th single (theater edition)


Songwriting and the cover jacket completed… “Reborn” to be featured in the theater edition of November 26th release.

AKB48 Official Calendar for 2015 to feature 25 members



AKB48 Official Calendar for 2015 (Shogakukan, 2500 yen) to be released on December 19th. The calendar will feature 25 members, the most ever featured on an AKB48 calendar.

SCANDAL releases newest single and annouces world tour!

SCANDAL releases newest single “Image”.


Today the 20th single by SCANDAL has been released via iTunes and is also available worldwide for international fans as well.
This catchy new song was written and composed by MAMI (Guitar & Vocals) and depicts the bands’ current “image”.
Check it out on iTunes at

Also for next year SCANDAL has officially announced their first ever world tour, SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 “HELLO WORLD”!
SCANDAL will start their tour in Japan with a historical 31 live shows, which is the most shows the band has ever played during a single tour, and then go out to perform in five international countries including the U.S., U.K, France, Taiwan and Hong Kong!

Stay tuned for the dates and location updates through SCANDAL’s “HELLO WORLD” tour special site!

SCANDAL was formed in August, 2006 with four high school girls who went to the same vocal & dance school in Osaka, Japan.They started performing as SCANDAL with aggressive sounds with pop characters.

In March 2008, they were invited to the Japanese culture convention Sakura-Con in Seattle, and they went around six cities in the U.S to see over 7,000 fans of them. In July 2008, they generated 10,000 people to Japan Expo in France and 8,000 to Anime Comic Fes in Hong Kong in August.

In October 2008, they released “DOLL” as their debut single. “DOLL” was rewarded for Power Play from over 40 FM/AM/CS radio stations in Japan.

In June 2009, they released their 3rd single “Shoujo S”, and it was ranked 6th in the first week on Oricon chart, and 5th on Reco-choku Chakuuta Full (Full digital download provider) weekly chart.

On October 21st, they released their first album “BEST★SCANDAL” and ranked 5th on Oricon chart in their first week of the release. For the girls band’s album to be awarded within 5th in their first week of the release was the first time in 7 years and a half.

In 2009, they were rewarded for New Face Award from Japan Record Award. – New Artist Their 7th single “Shunkan Sentimental” a tie-in song with the smash-hit animation series “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST”, has again scored high on the charts. #7 on ORICON and #4 on the Reco-choku full (full track download) chart.

They released their 2nd album “TEMPTATION BOX” in August 2010, and this was awarded 3rd place on Oricon daily chart. In October, “Scandal nanka Buttobase” was released, and awarded 3rd place on Oricon weekly chart, the highest ranking on Oricon weekly in their history ever.

In April 2011, single “HARUKA” was released and it also ranked #3. In August 2011, their 3rd original album “BABY ACTION” was released, followed by “VIDEO ACTION”, 1st video clip collection DVD.

They also went on Asia tour, first tour outside Japan, and gathered 2,500 audiences from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In March 28 2012, SCANDAL held the concert in Nippon Budokan, one of the high status venues in Japan.

They have recently announced their SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 “HELLO WORLD” for next year and will be performing in 5 countries including U.S., U.K, France, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
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EGOIST , new single “Fallen” available today!

EGOIST , new single “Fallen” available now!
Featured as the ending theme song for the anime series “PSYCHO-PASS 2”


Since their formation, EGOIST, consisting of producer ryo (supercell) and vocals Chelly have been actively touring in Japan and internationally.
Their newest single, “Fallen” is featured as the ending theme song for the TV anime series “PSYCHO-PASS 2”, and is a fast beat tune that perfectly matches with the anime series. It has been over a year since their last single release and today they release this new track for the fans that have been eagerly waiting!


EGOIST is a Japanese duo consisting of the ryo(supercell) as the producer/songwriter and the super talented vocalist Chelly.
Originally created as a fictional band for the anime series “Guilty Crown”, the band continued creating music after the end of the series.
Their singles “Departures (Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta)” and “The Everlasting Guilty Crown” generated buzz by both ranking in the top 10 on the Oricon Weekly Charts in Japan.
The band releases their 5th single “Fallen” on November 19, 2014 for fans worldwide!

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