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More SKE48 members to graduate



SKE48 members Iwanaga Tsugumi, Abiru Riho and Yamada Mizuho have announced their graduations from SKE48.

Since 2014 SKE48 has had the most graduations than any other group from AKB48G:

卒業発表日 名前(卒業発表時の所属)
2014/01/11 小柳有沙(NMB・M)
2014/01/17 佐藤聖羅(SKE・S)
2014/01/17 向田茉夏(SKE・S)
2014/01/31 梅原真子(NMB・BⅡ)
2014/02/20 松本梨奈(SKE・KⅡ)
2014/02/27 島田玲奈(NMB・M)
2014/02/28 野中美郷(AKB・B)
2014/03/03 中川紘美(NMB・研)
2014/03/08 嶋崎百萌香(NMB・研)
2014/03/10 折戸愛彩(SKE・研)
2014/03/10 山本由香(SKE・研)
2014/03/13 出口陽(SKE・S)
2014/03/16 鬼頭桃菜(SKE・E)
2014/03/22 小林莉加子(NMB・BⅡ)
2014/04/08 金子栞(SKE・E)
2014/04/08 井口栞里(SKE・E)
2014/04/13 菊地あやか(AKB・A)
2014/04/14 片山陽加(AKB・B)
2014/04/16 赤澤萌乃(NMB・BⅡ)
2014/05/23 空美夕日(SKE・研)
2014/06/18 奥洞千捺(AKB・8)
2014/06/24 與儀ケイラ(NMB・N)
2014/07/06 大脇有紗(SKE・E)
2014/07/07 高山梨子(NMB・研)
2014/07/12 後藤真由子(SKE・研)
2014/08/25 加藤智子(SKE・KⅡ)
2014/08/25 木下有希子(SKE・KⅡ)
2014/10/07 水埜帆乃香(SKE・KⅡ)
2014/10/08 山田澪花(SKE・E)
2014/10/14 高島祐利奈(AKB・4)
2014/10/15 山田菜々(NMB・M/SKE・KⅡ)
2014/12/08 高橋みなみ(AKB・A)
2014/12/12 村上文香(NMB・M)
2014/12/19 山内つばさ(NMB・N)
2014/12/24 中西優香(SKE・S)
2014/12/24 佐藤実絵子(SKE・S)
2015/01/07 山田みずほ(SKE・KⅡ)
2015/01/07 阿比留李帆(SKE・KⅡ)

Nogizaka46 and BABYMETAL albums released today in Japan


Nogizaka46’s debut album “Toumei na Iro” was released on January 7th and first day sales was great as the idol group had 160,177 copies sold, while BABYMETAL’s “LIVE AT BUDOKAN ~RED NIGHT~” was #2 and sold 13,718 copies.

TEPPEN 2015 – AKB48’s Matsui Sakiko vs. HKT48’s Moriyasu Madoka RECAP



It’s the AKB48G competition that everyone has been waiting for in the New Year and that is AKB48’s Matsui Sakiko vs. HKT48’s Moriyasu Madoka.

Moriyasu did a magnificent job with her performance earning 91 points.

The two have squared off before with Matsui winning the matchup. Matsui had to beat Moriyasu’s 91 points, so Matsui Sakiko performed “Let it Go” but the technicality in her performance, which she used to play the song was enough to win the judges favor.

Matsui was able to defeat Moriyasu’s 91 points by achieving 94 points. But there was one more competitor left…Matsui’s piano rival…Sayuri

The winner…


HKT48’s Moriyasu Madoka’s new CM


There’s no denying that HKT48 member Moriyasu Madoka is getting a big push. From her being selected as a member to perform on “Kibouteki Refrain” and also joining in competition with Matsui Sakiko in a piano competition on “Teppen 2015”, now she has her own commercial.

Majisuka Gakuen 4 Promotional Image released


NTV’s promotional image for “Majisuka Gakuen 4” has been released. The drama series which features members from AKB48G feature rival gangs that take on each other.

The drama series begins on January 19th.

For more information, please check out the official website here!