Japanese Baseball Card Pick of the Week – BBM Tokyo Yakult Swallows 2014 autograph baseball card – Nishida Akihisa (西田 明央)


While visiting my favorite place to shop for Japanese baseball hats in Shinjuku, they happened to have two packs of the BBM Tokyo Yakult Swallows Baseball Card 2014.

Typically, I rarely pull out any autographed cards.  But surprisingly, I pulled young Tokyo Swallows catcher Nishida Akihisa’s autographed card which has certification on the back #28/60 which means only 60 were produced.

The 2014 autograph cards feature a color version of a player in front,  a black and white version of that same photo but enlarged in the background.  To the right is a small autograph with a plastic seal.

Sports Card Magazine has it listed as worth Y2500 but not being the kind of guy who sends his cards to get cards graded let alone sealed, this one will be going into a sleeve.

But because of this rare pull, this card is my pick of the week!

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