What’s to love about SHOWROOM? If you love Japanese culture, then a lot!






One of the coolest Japanese websites that many are flocking to as of late is DeNA’s social media live video streaming site, Showroom.

Now being utilized by music artists and groups, the Yokohama DeNA Baystars baseball, idol groups, fashion models, comedians, voice talent and normal people, it’s attracting many thousands of people each day.

One can look at it like Ustream or the now-defunct, but the major difference is that you don’t have to worry about any trolling, flame wars.  The Japanese are quite respectful to those who are broadcasting.

The setup is easy, you select your avatar and by visiting various sites, you can open up various character avatars.  And to level up, it’s quite easy.  On the right hand side, you will see stars in which you click on to give as gifts as it not only raises your level, but also the broadcasters level.

The streaming video has been clean, I haven’t experienced any problems with Showroom as of yet, and the broadcasters I have communicated are very cool!

One of the coolest aspects is the many variety of broadcasts and of course, the Japanese cultural difference.

While many will broadcast from their rooms, many will broadcast from a variety of areas.  Outdoors, at a restaurant, at a karaoke room, at the hair salon, on stage, on a train, there is always something new.

You also gain points by tweeting and you can open up various special gifts for leveling up.  Of course, if you want to send bigger gifts and increase your level, you can pay and have an account, which I haven’t done just yet.

But if you want to experience Japanese culture live, check out Showroom!

Here are some of my favorites on Showroom:

J-POP: Tokyo Performance Dolls, Tokyo Girls’ Style, PASSPO, Palet, Aoi Eir, LinQ

Music Related (Non-Japanese music): Tokyo EDM

Fashion model: Nagayasu Izumi, Alice Iwamoto, Norie, Onojima

NPB: Yokohama Baystars (Note: Live game coverage will end in May 2015)

Non-Professional: Akira

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