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J!-ENT BLAST TO THE PAST: May 1995 when the band L⇔R released their seventh single “KNOCKIN’ ON YOUR DOOR”, a song that stayed seven weeks at #1. Surpassing over a million copies sold and was the band’s best selling single.

SNH48 heats things up with their version of “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 5.43.26 PM

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 5.48.56 PM

SNH48 (Shanghai48) has released a new music video and this time it’s to promote their new single of “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”  Enjoy!

The original AKB48 version can be seen below:

Mr. Children Tour 2015 REFLECTION – THE LIVE VIEWING to receive an encore screening


With the demand of more screening dates for Mr. Children’s “Mr. Children Tour 2015 REFLECTION – THE LIVE VIEWING”, an encore screening is planned from May 30th through June 5th at various Tokyo theaters: 東京・TOHOシネマズ六本木ヒルズ、大阪・TOHOシネマズ梅田、愛知・TOHOシネマズ名古屋ベイシティ、福岡・TOHOシネマズ天神

You can find more information on the film by visiting the official website here.

Movies in Japan: “Initiation Love” starring Matsuda Shota and Maeda Atsuko


Currently in theaters is the romantic love story “Initiation Love” starring Matsuda Shota, Maeda Atsuko and Kimura Fumino.

Based on the novel of the same title by Inui Kurumi, the setting for “Initiation Love” is in the 1980’s in which Takkun (portrayed by Matsuda) is a university student living in Shizuoka, who begins dating Mayu (portrayed by Maeda Atsuko), who works as a dental hygienist.

Takkun finds a job in Tokyo but still tries to maintain his long distance relationship with Mayu but life for Takkun isn’t easy when he meets Ishimaru Miyako (portrayed by Kimura Fumino).

The movie version features a special ending written by Inui, so if you enjoyed the novel, make sure you to check out the movie!

Waseda vs. Keio posters unveiled

Rivalries…America has Harvard vs. Yale. UK has Oxford vs. Cambridge. Japan has Waseda vs. Keio (早慶戦 = Sōkeisen)…

The posters showcasing the rivalry between both universities have been unveiled.

Keio was founded in 1858 and Waseda in 1882 and both have had a major rivalry for nearly a century.





Japanese Baseball Card Pick of the Week – BBM 2013 – Historic Collection – Hideki Matsui


My pick for Japanese Baseball Card of the Week goes to Hideki Matsui from the BBM Historic Collection 2013.

The 2013 Historic Collection celebrated the players with a certain number and in Japan, Matsui was known for his #55.  Which also represents the single-season home run record held by Sadaharu Oh.

While the card is nothing special in terms of rareness or being valuable, I selected the card primarily for bias as a fan.  He was one of my favorite players in the NPB and MLV and was always impressed how this right hander hit left-handed and threw right-handed.

Matsui played 10 years with the Yomiuri Giants (where he one the Central League’s MVP award three times) and played the next seven seasons with the New York Yankees (2003-2009), winning the World Series MVP for the Yankees in 2009.  Matsui also played for the Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay Rays.

I will always remember when his team played at Koshien and the opposing team used the strategy of throwing five consecutive walks.  His team lost Koshien and drew a lot of attention of unsportsman like conduct on the opposing team, despite that team winning Koshien. But it will be a memorable game, especially fans showing their displeasure and throwing their megaphones out to the field in anger.

But being the stoic guy that he is (including his first grand slam with the New York Yankees, which was his first game at Yankee Stadium), he is not a complainer and takes things as they are.

He led the Yomiuri Giants to four Japan Series and winning the title in 1994, 2000 and 2002 and that final year, he had 50 home runs.

And yes, I still sport my Godzilla #55 Yankees jersey to this day!

Why we love Hiiragi Rio on SHOWROOM

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.17.25 AM

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 10.18.25 AM

If there is one talent that has gained a large following on SHOWROOM, it’s idol singer Hiiragi Rio!

She does daily performances on SHOWROOM performing in her room full of Rilakkuma and switching off to her Pioneer DJ Rig, to switch off songs and answer her fans on SHOWROOM and other social media sites.

She also will have Q&A’s on her SHOWROOM as well.

Meanwhile, check out Hiiragi Rio’s latest music video “Kimagure I Love You”

and “Akiba Romance”:

Photo of the Day: Tokyo Outdoor Weekend 2015


Are you someone who loves the outdoor and nature?  The Tokyo Outdoor Weekend 2015 event (which was held at Shintoyosu Magic Beach) is definitely worth checking out!

A festival showcasing cool outdoor gear, music and food and a pretty upbeat, relaxed atmosphere!

Here is a video we shot from the event: