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Live drama adaptation of “anohana – The Flower We Saw That Day” to air on FujiTV in September

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If you loved the anime “Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai“, the anime series will receive a live drama adaptation courtesy of Fuji TV and will air on September 21st.

Jinta “Jintan” Yadomi is the main protagonist and as a kid, he was very close to Meiko “Menma” Honma

Together with their friends (which they are known as the “Super Peace Busters”) included Naruko “Anaru” Anjo (who had a crush on Jinta), Atsumu “Yukiatsu” Matsuyuki (who likes Menma and looked at Jinta as his rival for Menma’s feelings), Chiriko “Tsuruko” Tsurumi (has feelings towards Asumu) and Tetsudo “Poppo” Hisakawa (always looked at Jinta as “cool”).

On the day before “Menma” died, everyone wanted to know if Jinta loved Menma but being a child and embarrassed, he said he would never fall for someone like her.  Embarrassed, he ran away.  But when she tried to find him, by the time he went to look for her an apologize, it was too late.  She slipped and fell into a river and drowned.

Fast forward into the future and Jinta has become depressed and anti-social after the death of his mother and Menma.  But when Menma reappears as a ghost, at first he thinks it’s his stress manifesting, but when he starts to realize that she has returned, Jinta slowly reunites with his old friends to tell him about his visions of Menma.

Of course, not everyone believes him, as he is the only person that can see her.  But some fans give him the benefit of the doubt and Poppo believes that she may be stuck on Earth because she has a goal that she must reach or a wish that she must fulfill.  But as Menma hears this, she is not sure about her thoughts nor does she remember much.

But as these friends slowly reunite, we learn that not only does Jinta feel guilty about Menma’s death, each of them do for some sort of reason.

Unfortunately, the YouTube video for the drama is only available for residents in Japan. But you can relive this sad anime series by watching this anime promo:

Mayuyu falls asleep during “AKB48 All Night Nippon”


AKB48’s Yokoyama Yui tweeted a photo of a tired Watanabe Mayu who had fallen asleep during the late night recording of “AKB48 All Night Nippon”.  While the majority of people commented on how cute Mayuyu looked while sleeping, there were a few netizens who voiced their discontent by saying it was unprofessional of Mayu to fall asleep during work.

Aoi Eir postpones performance at Animelo Summer Live 2015 due to illness


Popular anison performer Aoi Eir had to postpone her performance at Animelo Summer Live 2015 – THE GATE- due to an illness according to Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

You just have to love the “METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN” commercial

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As the world is getting excited for “METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN” for the PS4, you can’t help but love the humor of the latest commercial airing in Japan.

Persona 3 The Movie – #4 Winter of Rebirth to arrive at theaters in Japan on January 23rd


It was revealed to the public that “Persona 3 the Movie – #4 Winter of Rebirth” will be arriving to theaters on January 23rd.

Advanced tickets go on sale on September 5th.

While the PV was put on YouTube, unfortunately only Japanese residents can view it for now.

French Kiss to disband on November 5th


With the graduation of Kuramochi Asuka from AKB48, it was expected that the AKB48 sub-unit French Kiss would come to an end.

It was announced that on November 5th, French Kiss which consists of members Kashiwagi Yuki, Takajo Aki and Kuramochi Asuka will disband on November 5th at Saitama Super Arena.

The group has been together for five years and have released a total of six singles.  And now, they will release their final album “French Kiss” on October 14th.




Are you down for Zaku chocololate tofu?


On August 21st, Sagami-ya food will release Zaku tofu in three types.  You have a choice of mild, bitter or milk chocolate flavored tofu.

“Final Fantasy VII” out on iOS in Japan


For those who need their “Final Fantasy VII” games on their iPhone or iPad can purchase “Final Fantasy VII” from the Japan iTunes store for Y1800.

Just make sure you have at least 2GB extra before downloading!