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Dark Souls III and 109 Men’s Gallery Collaboration


On March 24, 2016 at 109 Men’s stores in Shibuya  will feature a “Dark Souls Gallery 2016” on the 7th floor.

While the Shibuya store will feature most of the Dark Souls campaign, Sapporo and Tenji Core stores will feature a lottery in which shoppers who spend over 2,000 yen can be one of the 109 winners.

You can learn more of the “Dark Souls III x 109 Men’s” collaboration here.

figma Virtua Fighter to be released in September 2016


To be released in September 2016 is the figma Virtua Fighter figures featuring Akira Yuki and Sarah Bryant.

For those who loved their polygon classic look will no doubt dig these figures.

SMAP’s 2003 single “Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana” jumps to #1 on the Oricon Daily Single Charts


Never underestimate the buying power of the SMAP fan.

Their single “Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana” which was released back in March 5, 2003 jumped to #1 on the Oricon Daily Single Charts.

With public sentiment in support of SMAP but anger towards how their apology to fans seemed forced by the agency last week on “SMAP x SMAP”, viewers called and complained to television station after seeing SMAP’s presentation.  Comments on Twitter compared the apology as SMAP looking like hostages and were forced to give an apology, which many psychiatrists in Japan evaluating the video felt it seemed rather forced.

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 8.19.21 AM

Umeda Ayaka announces her graduation


NMB48 (and former AKB48 Team B Captain) Umeda Ayaka (27) has announced her graduation on the 23rd at “AKB48 Request Hour Best 100 2016).

She was #22 in the third AKB48 Senbatsu (2011) and was also a center for the Under Girls.

Umeda was part of the second generation of AKB48 who joined back in February 2006 and debuted alongside Akimoto Sayaka.

She was also a member of the sub-unit DiVA.

AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki (Yukirin) posts about her love of 3DS games

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 6.49.08 AM

Kashiwagi Yuki (Yukirin) of AKB48 wowed her fans with a post about how she has been enjoying 3DS games.

The singer posted about her love for “Monster Hunter” and how she put in 60 hours in one month.

She discusses her fascination of “Dance Dance Revolution” when she was in second grade and “Pokemon” on the Gameboy.  “Bomberman” and “Smash Brothers”.

And also her love for “Taiko no Tatsujin” at the arcade and her addiction to “Animal Crossing” when she should be studying for exams.

And admitting…she is a gamer!

Kobayashi Kana’s graduation announcement from AKB48


Kobayashi Kana is a second generation AKB48 member who holds the record of the most performances at AKB theater with 881 performances.

While her goal was to reach 1,000 theater performances, unfortunately, it won’t be reached as Kobayashi Kana has announced her graduation from the group during the second day of AKB48’s “Request Hour Best 100”.

While Kobayashi suffered from Kikuchi Disease, the former second generation ace, decided that this year (which would be her 10th year anniversary as part of AKB48 in April) is time for her to move forward.

Kana’s graduation date has not yet been set at this time.

You can watch the graduation announcement here:

Videogame Backlog 001: Shining Soul II, Evangelion Die Spur der SEELE, 7th Heaven


The first video game backlog blog in which I try three games and play for several hours of each game during that week, before moving on to the next game.


First, let’s kick of with “Shining Soul II” from Sega and Atlus for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance (GBA).

I purchased this game long ago and can’t believe I haven’t played it until 2016.

Released back in 2004, “Shining Soul II” is part of the “Shining” series which began in 1991 with the Sega Mega Drive.

The 15th “Shining” game release, the game is a hack and slash.

In the beginning, you choose if you want to play a warrior, archer, sorceress, dragonute, priestess, dark wizard, brawler or ninja.

I chose the warrior and immediately, I began fighting…  that is after the text would scroll (I forgot how long it took text to show up on screen) and thus challenging my patience.

As you go to a tournament, the tournament is halted when Princess Camille,  the daughter of King Marcel and Queen Yvonne of Klantol has gone missing.  The King’s knight, Deatharte, goes to check and find here at one location but with trouble happening at another due to goblins, he asks you to take care of it.

The first thing I had to do was kill the hordes of ogres which was easy, but the end boss took me two times to beat.

While the game was enjoyable as a hack and slash and playing these types of games prepared me on how to survive each battle, the problem that I had with the game is the money allocation really sucks.  As I would have to purchase the healing items, I couldn’t go out and grind as the locations are pre-selected.

And one thing I did not like is that when you saved, you can’t continue.  You are automatically exited to the main menu which really sucked.

But yet, I love hack and slash games like this and I very much wanted to play more.  Which I probably will someday?


The second game was “Shin Seiki Evangelion Die Spur der Seele” (Path of the Soul) and is the first pachislot game by D3 Publisher featuring “Neon Genesis Evangelion”.

For those who are not familiar with pachislot, think of pachinko in which you try to match three symbols horizontally or diagonally.

The great news about pachislot video games is that you don’t have to use your own money and while you don’t win prizes, you can play the game to your heart’s content and unveil music videos and various video scenes taken from the Evangelion anime series.

Similar to all karaoke video games that let you set a panel with a marker that allows you to time your button presses in order to land a symbol, you can also make the game easier by automatically selecting a symbol which you have to match three times (but is much easier) and then opening various music videos and scenes.

While I find karaoke games much easier on a PS Vita, I was barely getting any matches and I was already losing a ton of money until I activated the panel and making the game easier by using a three symbol modifier and was able to get myself out of the financial rut.

But the video is quite smooth, music videos as well.  It’s definitely a fun game if you enjoy pachislot and even moreso if you actually played this pachislot game at a parlor.

This game is user friendly for English speakers.  You can easily figure out how to activate the pachislot and using the buttons to stop to a symbol.

A fun pachislot game!


The third game that I played in my backlog 001 is “7th Dragon” by SEGA.

It’s one of the popular games in Japan that has not been released in the USA and this first game in the series has rated well.

As I tend to play Japanese RPG’s, while I’m not fluent, I can usually read enough but also figure out how to play an RPG game easily.

But the first thing you will realize with “7th Dragon” is that it’s text heavy and it’s by “Etrian Odyssey” director, Kazuya Ninou.

The game is set in the world of Eden and much of the world is ruled by dragons, who are trying to eliminate humans. And so, the humans want to kill the dragons.

In the beginning, you can build your team.  May it be a mage, princess, rogue, knight, samurai, fighter or healer.

As I went off to battle with my team, I expected the creatures I fight would match my skill level.  But immediately, my team was slaughtered.

While I was able to increase stats for my team, I realize that I was getting my arse kicked so much that I decided to pause and play “Shining Soul II”.

But overall, I can easily say that this game is not user friendly for gamers who can’t read or understand Japanese .  It’s possibly the least user-friendly Japanese RPG that I have ever played.

Overall, with my limited time, I found myself playing “Shining Soul II” the most, this past week.  I found that game to be so much fun, but also reminded me of the old school hack and slash Nintendo games I played back then.

But now on to the next three games in my backlog!

SMAP will continue


During the live episode of “SMAP X SMAP”, SMAP gave a speech and announced they will continue as a group.  The group will also stay with the Johnny’s Agency.

Surprisingly, the captain Nakai Masahiro didn’t do the announcement and Kimura Takuya was in the center this time around.

Also, during the apology, SMAP was trending on Twitter and even temporarily took Twitter down.

In the speech, members reinforced how they are happy to be together and want to continue to make people smile and that they will keep moving forward.

What is even more interesting is a comment from Kusanagi Tsuyoshi that because of Kimura Takuya, it made it possible for the four to apologize to Johnny Kitagawa, the president of Johnny & Associates.