Nintendo’s Miitomo tops the iPhone app chart


Nintendo’s Miitomo was released in Japan on March 17th and is the #1 app on the iPhone download ranking.

The total number of downloads has not been disclosed by Nintendo but people got to see how the revenue streams would work.

Nintendo has setup missions that tie-in to your Mii/Miitomo account in which you can link your social media, use the Miitomo app or purchase from the Nintendo e-shop to earn points. THe points can be used to purchased clothing or take part in mini-games.

When starting up the app, it doesn’t use your avatar on your 3DS, you can snap a photo of yourself and it will try to create various characters that look like you.  And from there you can set your Miitomo up for hair color, eyes, mouth, body size/height, etc.

Miitomo can also be used as a social media tool and so far has received positive reviews from users.

Meanwhile, those overseas who have Android can wait for the app (which is in English) or download the app by googling “Miitomo APK” and installing it on their Android device.

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