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Watanabe Miyuki will not take part in the AKB48 General Election


In a surprise announcement on Twitter, NMB48’s Watanabe Miyuki (a.k.a. Milky) has announced that she will not take part in the upcoming general election.

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The expensive iPhone case



For those watching sumo on television, a woman taking photos on her iPhone caught the interest of viewers because of her iPhone case.

As people looked the case up, they realized her case  cost Y3,776,000 ($33,849).

But as many have pointed out, for those to be that close to the ring to watch sumo, one must be quite wealthy.

Over a million downloads of Nintendo’s Miitomo


Nintendo’s Miitomo has surpassed over a million downloads in three days.

The official Miitomo Twitter page made the announcement on Saturday:

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Former Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi is five months pregnant

2068740_201603190171459001458370351cFormer Morning Musume members and current Hello! Project members attended the opening ceremony at the convention center, Pacific Yokohama for the opening ceremony of “SATOYAMA & SATOUMI e Ikou 2016“.

A large number of fans gave their blessing to Yoshizawa (30) in which she gave a big smile and thank you.

Yoshizawa told the media that she hasn’t experienced any morning sickness that day and that the day before yesterday, she felt the first movement of the baby.

Yoshizawa said she is unaware of the baby’s gender at this time.

Sanketsu Shojo Sayuri, the 2.5 dimensional singer-song writer releases her hit singles worldwide!


Sanketsu Shojo Sayuri, the 2.5 dimensional singer-song writer

Releases 1st single “Mikazuki”, 2nd single “Sorewa Chiisana Hikarinoyouna” worldwide!

Sayuri is an up-and-coming Japanese artist who made a brilliant major debut on August in 2015 with her first single “Mikazuki” and then released her 2nd single “Sorewa Chiisana Hikarinoyouna” in Japan early this year.

Due to the overwhelming support and demand of her fans, her first two singles have been released worldwide today!

1st single “Mikazuki” is the ending theme song for the anime series “Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace”, ranked #1 in the rock genre on the iTunes Japan charts.

Her following single “Sorewa Chiisana Hikarinoyouna” is currently featured as the ending theme song for the hit anime series “ERASED”, in which songwriter Yuki Kajiura composed.
This song also reached #1 on the iTunes Japan rock genre charts, making it back to back chart topping singles for Sayuri.

Her music perfectly syncs with the anime’s world, expressing the “shadow” and “light (hope)”, creating a new style of alternative rock that you must listen to!

About Sanketsu Shoujo Sayuri

Sanketsu Shoujo Sayuri, (Suffocating Girl Sayuri), is a 19-year old Japanese singer-song writer.

She divides herself into the 2D and 3D world, making her a new type called a 2.5 dimensional artist, as each character plays in each dimension with their unique characteristics and expresses her music by going in and out of the world of subculture, pop, and moratorium.

She interprets “light” and “shadow” in the suffocating modern society – borrowing the words from Sayuri, it is the “suffocating world”. With this unique point of view, she sings while strumming the acoustic guitar.

Visual artists YKBX, who worked on many projects worldwide, visually creates the unique world of Sayuri and brings them to life.

Sayuri made her debut with “Mikazuki” as the ending song of Fuji TV Animation noitaminA series , “Ranpo Kitan Game of Laplace” on August 26th, 2015.

The music video of “Mikazuki” had over 1.6 million views on YouTube and her street performance in front of the music shop, TSUTAYA in Shibuya, Tokyo, drew more than 500 excited fans.

Sayuri is absolutely a new type of artist who will give fans a performance they have never experienced before!

Official website (Japanese):

Nintendo’s Miitomo tops the iPhone app chart


Nintendo’s Miitomo was released in Japan on March 17th and is the #1 app on the iPhone download ranking.

The total number of downloads has not been disclosed by Nintendo but people got to see how the revenue streams would work.

Nintendo has setup missions that tie-in to your Mii/Miitomo account in which you can link your social media, use the Miitomo app or purchase from the Nintendo e-shop to earn points. THe points can be used to purchased clothing or take part in mini-games.

When starting up the app, it doesn’t use your avatar on your 3DS, you can snap a photo of yourself and it will try to create various characters that look like you.  And from there you can set your Miitomo up for hair color, eyes, mouth, body size/height, etc.

Miitomo can also be used as a social media tool and so far has received positive reviews from users.

Meanwhile, those overseas who have Android can wait for the app (which is in English) or download the app by googling “Miitomo APK” and installing it on their Android device.

In-demand voice actress, Inori Minase, wins “Best Actress in a Leading Role” at the 10th Seiyu Awards 2016


Inori Minase (represented by Sony Music Artists Inc.) is one of the most in-demand young voice actresses in Japan today, having starred in popular leading roles such as the animated original movie “The Anthem of the Heart” and TV animation series “School-Live!” in 2015. Her highly rated performances in the two titles have earned her the prestigious “Best Actress in a Leading Role” award at the 10th Seiyu Awards.

In “The Anthem of the Heart,” despite given the difficult lead role of Jun Naruse, a girl who doesn’t speak, Inori was able to impersonate the character and all her sensitive insecurities to make her relatable to audiences. Likewise, the role of survivor Yuki Takeya in “School-Live!” was brought to life with Inori’s innocent yet energetic and ever persuasive acting, fascinating fans along the way.

Award Acceptance Speech by Inori Minase
“When I was five, I had a small wish to be able to talk to (anime) characters, that grew into a dream of becoming a professional voice actress. I never imagined that 15 years later I would win this award. At the age of 20, I don’t see this award as the goal or the peak of my career, and I want to keep improving and growing in the future. I hope that I can someday become someone else’s dream and admiration, and will continue to work hard to do so.”

About Inori Minase

Since her debut as a voice actress at 15, Inori Minase has acted in important roles in many well-known anime titles, including “Is the Order a Rabbit? (Gochiusa)” as Chino, “Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Danmachi)” as Hestia, “School-Live! (Gakko Gurashi!)” as Yuki Takeya, “The Anthem of the heart (Kokosake)” as Jun Naruse and more. She also debuted as a solo singer from King Records on her 20th birthday, December 2, 2015. Her highly anticipated second single, “harmony ribbon,” will be released on April 13, 2016.

Official Facebook:
Official Twitter (Japanese only):
More information:

Yoshihiro Togashi’s “Hunter x Hunter” is back!


It has been over three years since a “Hunter x Hunter” chapter, but Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga makes its return to Shonen Jump.