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Fast Food Offerings for March 2015

In March 2015, various fast food restaurants will be offering the following:


McDonalds Japan will be offering the Hawaiian Barbecue Pork sandwich for Y550.


While Wendy’s Japan tends to showcase expensive food in Japan, they began offering their Pita Keema Curry Dog and Pita Chili Dog.

March 2015 Offerings at AKB48 Cafe

The specials for March 2015 at AKB48 Cafe have been announced and included is a Sashihara Rino meal!




AKB48 Cafe adds new items to the menu

Heading to Hakata and planning on dining at AKB48 Cafe?  Make sure you try the following February items on the menu!





HKT48 members to showcase dishes at AKB48 Cafe

Planning to go to Japan and eat at AKB48 Cafe?  Check out the dishes offered by the following HKT48 members:





Family Mart to sell Suda Akari cookies


Family Mart will be selling SKE48 member Suda Akari’s cookies on

Sure, Suda has showcased her singing, dancing and her incredible limbo moves but she can also cook (which she learned from her mother).

Each box of cookies will come with a thank you card and is priced a 880 yen.

Are you hungry enough to tackle the Attack on Titan burger?


Lotteria is known in Japan for its yearly mega burger tie-in and this year it’s “Shingeki no Kyojin” (Attack on Titan) as the hungry individual has a choice to take on a 5-patty, 7-patty or 10-patty burger.  And for over $20, you get the burger (doesn’t matter how many patties you pick) and an awesome key-chain plus a Lotteria coupon (one comes with a coupon for a shrimp burger, the other for the zeppin cheeseburger).

Ahh…if only we can get these in the USA…. For now, I guess we will have to make do with a McDonald’s happy meal with a cup for the “Lego Movie” will have to suffice!

Burger King has Apple Burgers…


When we are all children, there were times we come up with interesting food concoctions.  And some grow up to be awesome fusion chefs, others would find interesting ways to put pineapple on pizza, so why not Burger King Japan explore their love of apples on a burger.

My first introduction of apples being used in food was a friend who said he uses apples in curry.  You know, I would probably be up for it, as I had no hesitation of trying pineapple on pizza, here in the U.S., let alone corn and broccoli and even seafood on pizza in Japan.

But for those in Japan, you get to try the NY Whopper or BK Ringo.  How good is it?

McDonalds Japan goes retro “American Vintage Life”



Starting on January 7, 2014, McDonald’s Japan will be showcasing their “American Vintage Life” meals which include the “Double Beef” burger (which features two patties, Chicago Steak Sauce and an egg), Honey Mustard Chicken sandwich and Classic Fries with Cheese.