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Nakagawa Shoko’s new short hairstyle


Nakagawa Shoko is best known for her long hair, but for the first time in her adult life, Nakagawa decided to sport a shorter hair style as she has reached “Level 30” and wanted a new style for springtime.

Watanabe Miyuki will not take part in the AKB48 General Election


In a surprise announcement on Twitter, NMB48’s Watanabe Miyuki (a.k.a. Milky) has announced that she will not take part in the upcoming general election.

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The expensive iPhone case



For those watching sumo on television, a woman taking photos on her iPhone caught the interest of viewers because of her iPhone case.

As people looked the case up, they realized her case  cost Y3,776,000 ($33,849).

But as many have pointed out, for those to be that close to the ring to watch sumo, one must be quite wealthy.

Former Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi is five months pregnant

2068740_201603190171459001458370351cFormer Morning Musume members and current Hello! Project members attended the opening ceremony at the convention center, Pacific Yokohama for the opening ceremony of “SATOYAMA & SATOUMI e Ikou 2016“.

A large number of fans gave their blessing to Yoshizawa (30) in which she gave a big smile and thank you.

Yoshizawa told the media that she hasn’t experienced any morning sickness that day and that the day before yesterday, she felt the first movement of the baby.

Yoshizawa said she is unaware of the baby’s gender at this time.

What are the most beloved and most hated stations in Tokyo?

25545249956_9f0f2fe638_c recently conducted a poll of people’s favorite and most hated stations in Tokyo.

The poll was conducted between 620 men and women between 20-60 years-old.

The most favorite station was:

  1. Kichijoji Station (86 votes)
  2. Shinjuku Station (37 votes)
  3. Ikebukuro Station (31 votes)
  4. Tokyo Station (28 votes)
  5. Tachikawa Station (20 votes)

The most hated station was:

  1. Shibuya Station (111 votes)
  2. Shinjuku Station (88 votes)
  3. Ikebukuro Station (41 votes)
  4. Uguisudani Station (19 votes)
  5. Shin-Okubo Station (11 votes)

Soccer manga “Whistle!” to receive live stage adaptation


Live stage adaptations of manga series are the rage these days and “Whistle!” will be the next to receive a live stage adaptation for August-September 2016.

“Whistle!” was created by Higuchi Daisuke and serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1998-2002 and also made into an animated series.

SPEED’s Imai Eriko announces her candidacy for the Liberal Democratic Party


As was expected, SPEED vocalist Imai Eriko (32) has announced her candidacy for the Liberal Democratic Party for the House of Councillors.

Imai expressed her candidacy via sign language, which she had learned as her son was born with a hearing disorder.

An advocate to help those who are disabled and a mother who has been dedicated of raising her disabled son as a single mother, Imai announced that she would like to bring hope to society.

Will SPEED’s Imai Eriko run for politics?


SPEED’s Imai Eriko is rumored to be announcing that she will be running for office the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan early next week.

In a poll, the majority of people are against Imai Eriko’s entry to politics.