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KONAMI reveals Jikkyou Powerful Soccer


KONAMI’s Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu baseball games are well-known.

And their Pro Evolution Soccer games are even more popular worldwide.

And this time, KONAMI will be releasing a Jikkyou soccer game titled “Jikkyou Powerful Soccer“.  Here is a trailer for the upcoming game:

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone to be released on June 23rd for the PS4


It was announced by Sega that “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA Future Tone” for the PS4 will be released on June 23rd.

The game will allow up to 220 songs.



SNKplaymore releases “The King of Fighters XIV” teaser trailer


For King of Fighters fighting video game fans, SNKplaymore has released a trailer of “The King of Fighters XIV”.

The video features ninjas Mai Shiranui and Banderas in battle.

Over a million downloads of Nintendo’s Miitomo


Nintendo’s Miitomo has surpassed over a million downloads in three days.

The official Miitomo Twitter page made the announcement on Saturday:

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 9.01.35 AM

Nintendo’s Miitomo tops the iPhone app chart


Nintendo’s Miitomo was released in Japan on March 17th and is the #1 app on the iPhone download ranking.

The total number of downloads has not been disclosed by Nintendo but people got to see how the revenue streams would work.

Nintendo has setup missions that tie-in to your Mii/Miitomo account in which you can link your social media, use the Miitomo app or purchase from the Nintendo e-shop to earn points. THe points can be used to purchased clothing or take part in mini-games.

When starting up the app, it doesn’t use your avatar on your 3DS, you can snap a photo of yourself and it will try to create various characters that look like you.  And from there you can set your Miitomo up for hair color, eyes, mouth, body size/height, etc.

Miitomo can also be used as a social media tool and so far has received positive reviews from users.

Meanwhile, those overseas who have Android can wait for the app (which is in English) or download the app by googling “Miitomo APK” and installing it on their Android device.

Nintendo Japan just released classic games on Virtual Console….



Nintendo just released many games on sale for the Virtual Console… But only for New3DS owners.

Many gamers who have not upgraded to the New3DS took to Twitter to show their displeasure.

But possibly the big news in Japan was the New3DS coming out that looks like the Super Famicom.  Check it out the photo:



Sony confirms the end of the PlayStation Vita TV


Sony has confirmed the end of the PlayStation Vita .

The device which went on sale on November 13, will be ending its run at the end of February.

Sony said the purpose of the Vita TV was to get people back to playing games on their television.  But with the strong sales of the PS4 and Vita in Japan, the PlayStation Vita TV served its need.

Latest “The King of Fighters 14” PS4 Trailer released – 50 fighters to be featured



For SNK fighting game fans, many have awaited the next upcoming “The King of Fighters” game and sure enough SNK has released their latest trailer for “The King of Fighters 14” for the PS4.  The game will feature 50 characters including a few interesting new characters.

Here is the latest trailer for the upcoming game: