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Second film trailer for Majo no Takkyubin (Kiki’s Delivery Service) released

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On Monday, Mainichi Shimbun’s Mantan Web released the second trailer for “Majo no Takkyubin” (Kiki’s Delivery Service). And a much better trailer this time around as Jiji the black cat is featured. You can view the trailer here:

Emiko Aida takes on the AKB48 pachinko game


Pachinko fan Emiko Aida is featuring the AKB48 Pachinko game in her latest YouTube video.  While I have played pachinko and barely understand it completely, for those who do and are AKB48 fans, will dig this!

What happens when PDR and Mimei starts messing around with Saitousan

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Lately, people are posting their Saitousan videos on YouTube.

For those not familiar with the iPhone app, it calls up random people that is using the app and you can have a discussion with them.  While there are some people who want to have random conversations, there are people who just want to have a place to mess around and act crazy.

And sure enough, when PDR and Mimei give Saitousan a spin, laughter and craziness ensues!

For the love of Pocky…. Share it with the world!


On November 11th, Glico has officially made the day “Pocky Day”.

But how to share the love of Pocky?  Why not share it with people who have never tried it and in this case, the RocketNews24 team set out to Kenya to visit the Maasai village and have them try Pocky.


So, what did they think?  Watch the video below!

PDS cooks dango and shows us how much his English (profanity) has improved (NSFW)

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Dante (PDSKabushikigaisha) is one of the more popular (and successful) YouTube Japan online celebrities thanks for his unusual videos and willing to try or do the craziest things on his channel.  Which has led to a fan following and also television coverage.

Back in 2012, PDS went to Europe to focus on improving his English and to show that he has been learning English, PDS has created an English channel.

But the English that comes out of PDS’ mouth can either be received by a viewer as hilarious or too profane.  While I find his self-deprecating humor to be fascinating and hilarious (as you can’t get enough of one trying to cook dango and keeps repeating “suck my balls”), we still have to give the former Johnny’s Entertainment member some props for showing us how his English has improved.