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Video Game Backlog: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijōshigatai Game no Yōna Mono Limited Edition (PS Vita video game review)


For fans of “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san” will find the same humor and fun from the anime series in the video game.  While not deep or difficult, if you can find the Limited Edition of “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijoshigatai Game no Yona Mono” for a low price, you’ll find this video game box set worth owning!

Images courtesy of © Mages/5pb. All Rights Reserved.

VIDEO GAME TITLE: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijōshigatai Game no Yōna Mono Limited Edition

TYPE OF GAME: Visual Novel/Dating Sim




INFO: Single Player

RELEASE DATE: May 30, 2013

Back in 2009, “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san” (Nyaruko: Crawling with Love) was released as a light novel series in Japan.

Written by Manta Aisora and illustrated by Koin, the series is inspired by the H.P. Lovecraft Lovecraft mythos and in Japan, a total of 12 light novel series, several manga adaptations, several seasons of anime and OVA’s have been released (the most recent is “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san F” which was released in Japan on June 19th).

And in 2013, a PS Vita video game titled “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijōshigatai Game no Yōna Mono” is inspired by the 2012 anime series by Xebec was released in Japan only.

The Limited Edition of th video game will come with the PS Vita game, a CD soundtrack, a PET Bottle case (monster pouch), two photo cards with codes (one for “Haiyore! Nyarkuo-san: The Caos” and the other for and a DLC code.

Created by Mages and published by 5pb., the game is dating/visual novel-style of game.

The story of “Haiyore! Nyarkuo-san” revolves around a high school teen named Mahiro Yasaka, who for some reason, is being attacked by aliens.

A Nyarlathotep, named Nyaruko, a formless deity of chaos who takes the shape of a silver haired high teen has been assigned by the Space Defense Agency to go to Earth and protect Mahiro.  So, in order to protect him, she takes residence at his home, but in the process, starts to fall for him.  But she goes a bit overboard in her love for Mahiro and is easily jealous when other aliens come to visit.

The main characters of “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san” are:

  • Mahiro Yasaka – The main protagonist who is under Nyaruko’s protection.  He has the ability to throw forks to stop aliens and for some reason, his appearance attracts aliens.  He often is put off by Nyaruko’s advances and tries to not get close to her due to her appearance, not being her true appearance but one of many.
  • Nyarlathotep/Nyaruko – An alien from Nyarlathotep sent by the Space Defense Agency to Earth in order to protect Mahiro.  She is formless and can take many forms, but she takes the form of a teen with long-silver hair (that also becomes an antenna).  She is a top agent and her expertise is in CQC (Close Quarters Combat) and transforms into a superheroine with black armor. She is deeply in love with Mahiro and wants him to have a baby with her.  She is also jealous of others who get close to Mahiro.
  • Cthugha/Kuko – An alien from Cthughan who takes the form of a red-haired girl.  She is the archnemesis of the Nyarlathotepians but for some reason, she is deeply in love with Nyaruko and takes a form of a teenager named Kuko Yasaka and calls herself Nyaruko’s wife.   She is a hardcore gamer, has the power of fire and also uses drones that fire lasers.
  • Hastur/Hasta – An alien from Hastur who is a male and takes the form of a girl with long blonde hair.  He is the son of the owner of CCE (Carcosa Computer Entertainment), a famous video game company.  He has feelings for Mahiro and despite his shy deameanor, he has the power of air and wind and is quite powerful.
  • Ghutatan – From the planet of Ghatanothoa, she is childish and takes the form of a little girl and is clingy towards Mahiro.
  • Yoriko Yasaka – A monster hunter and is friendly to the aliens and lets them live in her home, if they are their to help Mahiro and protect Earth.  She is a huge video console fan and an expert with throwing forks.
  • Luhy Distone – Worked for Cthulhu Corp. and is now a vendor selling Takoyaki.  She is quite powerful.  She takes the form of an older, sexy woman with green hair.
  • Takehiko Yoichi – Mahiro’s friend who often gives him advice.
  • Tamao Kurei – Known as the “Walking Speaker” because she likes to spread gossip.  Despite having feelings for Mahiro, she often tries to help Nyaruko get closer to Mahiro.
  • Shantak-kun – Nyaruko’s pet monster.  He can be huge or small and be a vehicle for Nyaruko and friends.
  • Nodens – A space smuggler that wants to kidnap Mahiro and use him to star in a yaoi film.  He sends the monsters known as Nodens after Mahiro.
  • Nyaruo – Nyaruko’s older brother who is deeply jealous towards his younger sister and is sick that she is superior to him.  He wants nothing but to kill his sister.




The gameplay follows the first season of the anime series and there are ten primary episodes, with additional episodes that can be opened in the game.

During the game, you will be given a few answers and your answers will play heavily into the ending that you receive.  So, if you answer questions that favor Nyaruko, Kuko, Hasta, Ghutatan, you will receive a flag.  The more flags you collect, the better the chance of receiving that character’s ending.

After each episode, you get to play a slot machine that can add an additional flag or short story to the game.




The controls for the primary game are fairly basic.  Circle button to continue, X to get back into the main menu, move up and down to scroll up and down to select an answer.





The graphics for “”Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijōshigatai Game no Yōna Mono” utilizes artwork from the actual anime series but also stills of various locations and scenes.  The character design and backgrounds are on par with what you see in the actual anime series, but the primary animated segment is the opening sequence.

The video game is fully voiced by the Japanese anime series voice talent.  So, if you enjoyed the anime series, you’ll no doubt enjoy the voice acting by the seiyuu.


There is replay value for in the fact that if you want to get the main ending for each character, you’re going to have to play the game over again.  And once you complete the game, then you will open up a shooter game known as “FORKS GEAR” but also a purikura like booth which you can take pictures with the characters, gallery and music audio player.

But for trophy hunters, the game is not difficult to obtain, but it is time consuming to play all ten episodes just to get an ending.  Fortunately, you can put each episode in “skip mode” if you have viewed a scene already and bypass the dialogue.


I found “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijōshigatai Game no Yōna Mono” on sale at a Trader shop in Akihabara for a great price for a limited edition box set.

While I had no previous knowledge about the visual novels, anime or manga series, when I first started the game, I found it to be quite hilarious and fun.  And of course, because of the unusual storyline, it led me to watching the anime series and it’s a lot of fun.

But the question many of you are wondering if this game is worth getting.  For one, if you are into visual novel or dating-sims, you may enjoy it.  Considering that the LE sets are cheap, you get some swag that makes it worth purchasing.

As for the game itself, it’s not deep in storyline.  There is no unique story and you will not get too far in the dating aspect (as the concept of the show features Mahiro not wanting to be close to any of them, but treating them all as his friends and guardians) of the game, but you can go on simple dates.

But part of the allure is the game’s humor, voice acting and additional content not seen in the anime series.

I do admit that after the first playthrough, trying to get everyone’s ending is tedious and cumbersome, because you play the whole game over again and you can’t skip through dialogue/text but because of so much dialogue/text, it just plays it at fast speed and you find yourself feeling that the game is taking longer than it should have if better auto-skip functions were included.

It’s not the most difficult game to load up on trophies either, because the first play of the game, one will notice that they are racking up trophies like crazy.  It’s just when you have to replay the game in order to get an ending, the gameplay becomes cumbersome.

As for if the game is import-friendly, like most visual novels, the game is all in Japanese and features heavy Japanese text and dialogue. While those who watched the anime series with subtitles can get by and play the game and select answers and see what result they can get.

Also, with the Google Translate app, you can easily take a picture of the answer and get a translation but for the most part, the order of answers don’t change and you can easily figure out which answer is for Nyaruko, Kuko, Hasta or Ghutatan most of the time (I say most of the time, because sometimes Luhy, Kirei, Yoichi are thrown into the mix but not so much).

Personally, because of the fact that you can purchase the limited edition for under $30 on eBay and much lower if you visit a Trader store in Akihabara, I found the game to be worth playing.  I found the overall dialogue to be hilarious and fun and some of the choices to be unusual (ie. Mahiro having to wear one of the girl’s bathing suits/bikini), especially leading to the unexpected bad ending.

If you are a fan of “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san”, then definitely see if you can import the LE version of “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijōshigatai Game no Yōna Mono”.