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Bandai to release a trembling HG Vegeta figure


Bandai announced a trembling HG Vegeta figure that will be sold on June 2016.

The figure will require three AAA batteries and will come with a pedestal.  For more information, check out the video below:

FUNimation to give “Dragon Ball Z” another try!


It appears that “Dragon Ball Z” is being re-released on Blu-ray once again!


The first attempt was the “Dragon Ball Z” Level Blu-ray sets which featured less episodes than their DVD counterpart and only two sets were released until they were canceled.  But now FUNimation appears to have fixed whatever issue that they had before as they will now release brand new “Dragon Ball Z” Blu-ray box sets with the same episodes as the orange box DVD releases.

FUNimation mentioned in their press release:

Originally attempted with the Level Sets in 2011, production was suspended due to technical challenges of the frame by frame restoration from the original film.  After careful evaluation of the process, FUNimation is glad to announce that restoration has recommenced and releases will be available before years end. 

Different from the Level Sets before it, the episode count on the Blu-ray Season Sets will be identical to their extremely popular DVD counterparts. Also different, is the restoration and re-mastering process being used. A bolder, more vibrant color palette is being used to produce a picture current, and future, televisions can take advantage of. The Blu-ray Season Sets will also come in a widescreen format. Precise shot-by-shot reframing of each scene has used to ensure the optimal picture when converting from its native, full screen format.

So, this is good news for the DBZ fans who can’t get enough of the series!