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AKB48 members get their breasts examined?


On AKB48 Shirabe (October 15th on Fuji TV), AKB48 members get to learn about breast examinations.  The episode will air at 12:10-12:35 a.m and the variety show is hosted by Tsuchiya Teruyuki and HKT48’s Sashihara Rino and the special guest will be Kumada Yoko.

Kawaei Rina calls live on the air on Fuji TV’s “Viking”


Kawaei appeared via phone on Fuji TV’s “Viking”. Kawaei called in and in laughter, said “Hai, Konnichiwa”. Kawaei told her co-stars that she is fine and that she has been sleeping a lot. Kawaei told her co-stars that she was eating an Acai bowl and watching too much TV. Also, Kawaei denied all rumors that she was graduating from AKB48 and that she was surprised by reports that she may be graduating. She also said that she wants to apologize to everyone for making them worry and she wants to concentrate on her health and getting better.

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SCANDAL, NOKKO, Aikawa Nanase, Terada Keiko, Kahala Tomomi, Nakagawa Shoko, Tomita Kyoko and more to appear on FUJI TV’s “Bokura no Ongaku”




On May 9th, the theme for FUJI TV’s “Bokura no Ongaku” is “GIRLS ROCK” and the program will feature SCANDAL with NOKKO (of REBECCA), Nakagawa Shoko, Terada Keiko (SHOW-YA), Aikawa Nanase, Oda Tetsuro, Kahaka Tomomi and Tomita Kyoko (Princess Princess) and more.

The program will feature individuals reminiscing of their time in a rock band, Aikawa Nanase discusses her emergence onto the music scene during the time TK music was dominating the music scene and more.