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Goose house’s Kei to release a major label album

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With the upcoming release of Kei’s (of Goose House) solo album “KEI’s 8” on March 5th, for those who have followed Goose House on YouTube should be thrilled of the success that the group and Kei are having right now. She and the others have worked so hard to get this far and it’s pretty awesome to see Kei getting the opportunity to release her own album from a major label.

Goose house new single to be theme for anime series

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Goose house has attracted fans all over the world thanks to YouTube who has showcased the talented vocalists/musicians doing covers of popular Japanese songs (and some English songs as well).

But outside of the covers, the band has worked very hard to promote their original work and it appears that Goose house has signed with Sony Music Japan and will be performing the ending theme “Oto no naru hou e” for the anime series “Gin no Sagi”.

How awesome is that!???  Congratulations to Goose house!

Goose house vocalist Takebuchi Kei to release a solo mini-album from Sony Music Records Inc.


Congratulations to Goose house vocalist Takebuchi Kei who will have a solo mini-album released by Sony Music Records Inc.  The mini-album is set for release on March 5, 2014 and is part of the “Goose house x Sony Music Records Inc.” project, so hopefully this may mean other Goose house vocalists getting an opportunity.

For those not familiar with Goose house, they consists of talented vocalists and music artists who gained in popularity for posting their covers on YouTube.  The group have their own indie albums releases but the group have become a social media success with over 220 million YouTube views.

We love Goose house and their J-Pop covers!

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For the past three years, I have been telling friends on Facebook of how much I love Goose house. This group of several talented vocalists and musicians perform covers of major artists but also creating their own original music and releasing them online.

The group consists of d-iZe (often on keyboards/vocals), Kei Takebuchi (vocals), Shuhei Kudo (acoustic guitar), Migiwa Takezawa (guitar), Manami (guitar), Sayaka (keyboard), Shuhei Watanabe (guitar) and Johnny Saito (guitar).

And what I enjoy is their enthusiasm when performing a song and the fact that they perform the music of their covers without fearing a Japanese label will delete them on YouTube.

The group recently posted six videos today, so today…I want to share some of that Goose house love with you!