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Ikoma Rina’s dream came true: Her interview with Naruto creator Kishimoto Masashi

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Ikoma Rina is a big fan of “Naruto” created by Kishimoto Masashi.  And with “Naruto” recently ending, Ikoma’s dream to interview Kishimoto came true!  As you can expect, the Nogizaka46/AKB48 member was in tears before the interview started.


Suffice to say, Ikoma posted on her blog how grateful she was to Kishimoto and posted a photo of her cosplay of Sasuke.

Ikoma Rina showing her cosplay side


We have seen Mayuyu show her love for anime, cosplay, video games, toys, while Takamina is passionate about manga.  As for Ikoma Rina, she is also an otaku who loves anime, manga and cosplay.  Here are a few recent photos from April of Ikoma dressing up and having fun!



Team B theater debut features a Mayuyu/Ikoma combo!


On April 28th, Team B had their opening night at the AKB Theater and would feature performances with new members Ikoma Rina (Nogizaka46) and Tomonaga Mio (HKT48).

And as the tears came out from Ikoma, Ikoma was pleased by the warm welcome by fans and told them that she would do her best as a member of AKB48.

Here is a video featuring the Mayuyu/Ikoma combo:

Ikoma Rena’s debut as a member of AKB48 Team B


Nogizaka46 member Ikoma Rina debuted as a concurrent AKB48 Team B member on the 12th.

Ikoma told the audience that she will do her best as a member of Team B and joined the group for a performance of “Shonichi”.

Weekly Big Comic Spirits to document Nogizaka46/AKB48 Team B member Ikoma Rina’s first steps to the AKB48 Theater


Weekly Big Comic Spirits will be featuring Nogizaka46/AKB48 Team B member in their upcoming issue, documenting her first steps into the AKB48 Theater.

A brief video in promotion of the upcoming issue is available on the Weekly Big Comic Spirits website.

Nogizaka46’s Ikoma Rina announces her candidacy for AKB48 General Elections


After going back and forth of whether or not she should try out for the AKB48 General Elections, Nogizaka46 and AKB48 Team N member Ikoma Rina figured why not take part in the experience.

On her blog, Ikoma Rina announced her candidacy, while still being unsure if she made the right choice but decided to go for it!


Will Nogizaka46’s Ikoma Rina take part in the general elections?


After reading Yahoo! News about the excitement of Nogizaka46’s Ikoma Rina possibly being part of the general elections (as well as concerns from their fans), now Ikoma is not sure if she wants to be part of it and seems conflicted if she should or shouldn’t take part in it.

As the concurrency for Ikoma Rina as an AKB48 Team B member is a fascinating experience, there are fans who are supportive and not supportive of Nogizaka46 being mixed into the AKB48G, especially of how the group was supposed to be a rival of AKB48.

But the rivalry has wore thin as AKB48 members and Nogizaka46 members have appeared on each other’s variety show or had some interaction together, but I think the main worry for AKB48G fan is a Nogizaka46 member taking a position in Senbatsu over someone they love? Or worried that she may place high?

Whichever direction Ikoma Rina chooses, she’ll have her fans/followers supporting her regardless and as for the others?  As they say… “haters gonna hate”!

Ikoma Rina qualifies for AKB48G Senbatsu, to co-host Shonen Jump-related TV show


Nogizaka46 and concurrent AKB48 Team B member Ikoma Rina has had a great week.

The teen graduated from high school, promoted her upcoming Jump Police TV show which airs on April 4th on TV Tokyo and now the announcement that she will qualify for senbatsu, which will no doubt rattle things for the AKB48G.