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Nogizaka46’s Akimoto, Ikuta and Hashimoto to star in “Chono Ryoku 3”


Nogizaka46’s Akimoto Manatsu, Ikuta Erika and Hashimoto Nanami will be starring in the third “Chono Ryoku” film which will be released in Japan on December 6th.

Nogizaka46’s Ikuta Erika tops music news for “Sekai no Owari” for July 31-August 6


Ikuta Erika becoming center for Nogizaka46’s next single was the top music news for “Sekai no Owari” surpassing news of Berryz Koubou going on indefinite hiatus, Momoiro CloverZ collaborating with THE ALFEE’s K┼Źnosuke Sakazaki and Baby Metal opening for Lady GaGa.

Ikuta Erika to go on temporary hiatus from Nogizaka46


It’s not easy to balance school and career as an idol and for Nogizaka46 member Ikuta Erika, there are things that need to be put into priority.

During a Nogizaka46 in Yokohama, Ikuta announced that she will not be involved with the ninth Nogizak46 CD single and will be taking a temporary hiatus as she focuses on school in order to prepare for college.

As one of the better singers and also a talented pianist, Ikuta’s presence will be missed but she will be return to Nogizaka46 during the fall.