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J!-ENT @ AnimeJapan 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight


J!-ENT was at AnimeJapan 2016 which was held at Tokyo Big Sight this past weekend.

Their article is forthcoming but you can check out the awesome photos by Antoni Airoso by clicking here.

J!-ENT @ San Diego Comic-Con – Cosplay teaser for the J!-ENT Annual 2015 (Photos by Derek Orchard, J!-ENT)

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The following is a sneak peak of photos taken at San Diego Comic Con by J!-ENT photographer, Derek Orchard.  More photos will be featured in our upcoming J!-ENT 2015 annual!



J!-ENT photographer Darren Yamashita was at Anime Expo 2015.  It was his first experience at the convention and his upcoming article and many photos from the event will be featured in our upcoming 2015 J!-ENT Annual!  Stay tuned!





EVENT COVERAGE: The 13th Korea Times Music Festival at Hollywood Bowl (May 2, 2015)


On May 2nd, J!-ENT traveled to Los Angeles to cover the 13th Korean Times Music Festival at the Hollywood Bowl.

Known for bringing A-list artists to America, it’s one of the more highly anticipated events to happen each year for K-Pop fans and this year did not disappoint.

The event would feature artists Bada, Kim Soohee, Kim Bum-soo, 쿨 (Cool), Oh Seung Geun, Kim Yonja, Han Heejun and Im Taekyung.  The event would also feature popular pop groups TVXQ, APink, EXID and Got7.

During the day, the area is not as busy but there are various booths and nearly each of them give out a lot of cool swag.  Here is a video I shot earlier during the day:


At the booths, Hyundai gave out swag bags with fans (as May in Los Angeles would be hot during the day, although a little chilly later at night) if you took a picture and posted a photo of their car and post it on social media with a hashtag. Also, an opportunity to win a variety of items.  In my case, I had a choice between a carrying bag or calculator and I figured I needed a bag to carry the swag I would be carrying all day.

KIA had a similar offering where you take a picture of the car and post on social media and you will receive a bluetooth speaker.

CJ offered a bag which included a free DVD of the film “The Admiral: Roaring currents”. Nongshim had a spinning wheel which you can win a certain soup and a cool stationary book with pen, while H-Mart offered coupons and an awards card.

But there were a variety of booths that offered a lot of cool swag including glowsticks or inflatable swag for the concert.

Around mid afternoon is when the area becomes packed.  Families come with their blankets and picnic baskets awaiting for the concert to start.

This was a very interesting sight for me because while the morning featured many people going in for the swag, the afternoon was more about the adults and families claiming their spots by bringing their blankets and literally staying there for the next few hours until the concert started.

And families really went all out in terms of bringing food and planning the ultimate picnic.  While the kids and teenagers went to meet up with friends or partake in the booth activity, the adults sat drinking wine, beer and eating a variety of food. And at first I wondered why would they bring so much, until I learned during the concert that unlike other event areas where the union forbids anyone to bring their own food, at the Hollywood Bowl, although there are food venues, families were able to bring their food into the concert area, which was very cool.

By 5:00 p.m., many went to the concert where you went through bag check and they also gave out free bags for one to pick out and keep.  You also can pay to get a seat pillow and I will say that I recommend getting one not only for comfort but also because I chose to wear white pants to this event, because the Hollywood Bowl is outdoors, the seats are affected by elements and you will get dirt or whatever on your clothing.  So, I highly recommend not wearing white as chances are that your clothes are going to get dirty from the seat or the seat backs.

The host for the evening was Han Heejun  (many may remember him from the 11th season of “American Idol”) and Hani of EXID (I did not know that Hani spoke fantastic English).

And I would have to say that this Korea Times Music Festival literally hit a grand slam this year as every artist was awesome.  People of all ages enjoyed the performers and yes, even the older performers were able to get the younger crowds into the concert as well.  There was amazing energy and people were interactive and into the concert, which was great to see.

The following are videos from the concert:

Overall, the event was fantastic!  It was one of the best concert events that I have attended, and I don’t say that lightly considering I cover many concerts and performances every year.  The Korea Times Music Festival is no doubt one of the well-produced, better financed Asian music festivals in the United States.

While certain people may have issues with young fans standing during their favorite artists performing (as I did notice one older couple dismayed), that is too be expected and you can either stand as well or like most people, look towards many of the big screens outside the Hollywood Bowl.

The location is perfect for concerts, the sound system is great (although it did cut off once during Han Heejun’s opening performance) and the concert ended with fireworks, which was great to see.

But for the most part, people were respectful, everyone had fun and the overall vibe from various people I talked to, was that the event was fantastic and I have to agree.

Of course, there are always negatives and in this case, it’s always the same thing with the Hollywood Bowl… leaving the parking area.

The parking at the Hollywood Bowl is about $25 as one can expect for a major event, there are pricier parking but while parking is easier during the day, it’s actually leaving the area at night that becomes more of a headache as the location becomes extremely congested and you can’t leave until the people parked in front or in the side of you leave.  So, factor in about an extra hour of leaving the area, as leaving the parking structure will be your major hassle.

But outside of that, the event was magnificent and I can’t wait for 2016!

Photo of the Day: Yokohama from Landmark Tower’s Sky Garden


One of the coolest places to shoot from in Japan, especially in Yokohama is the Landmark Tower’s Sky Garden.

Located on the top in the 69th floor is the Landmark Tower Yokohama observation deck (Yokohama Sky Promenade) which is 273m high.

The Landmark Tower has the fastest elevator in Japan as you can go 750m per minute and it only takes 40 seconds from the 2nd floor lobby to get on top.

The price is only Y1000 for adults, Y500 for junior high students, Y800 for high school students and seniors and Y200 for children.

Photo by Dennis A. Amith, J!-ENT

J-POP Summit Festival 2014 attracts 120,000 attendees this past weekend


The J-Pop Summit Festival 2014 had a total of 120,000 attendees this past weekend.

“The 2014 J-POP Summit was the biggest and most successful we have ever staged. The addition of the Ramen Street attraction and the array of artists, performers and other events also made it one of the most exciting. We are looking forward to presenting an even bigger J-POP Summit for 2015!”, said Seiji Horibuchi, President/CEO of NEW PEOPLE, Inc. and Chairman of the J-Pop Summit Festival Committee.

J!-ENT will be feature the J-POP Summit Festival 2014 in their upcoming annual to be released in Sept. 2014 but to see some of the awesome photos that were taken by J!-ENT, click here.