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AKB48 Team K’s Fujita Nana wins the 6th Annual Janken Taikai 2015


The 6th annual AKB48 Janken Taikai was held at the Saitama Arena on the 16th.

As with previous Janken Taikai yearly competitions, the winner will become the center for the AKB48 single released at the end of the year and the top 16 qualifiers will be featured for the single and music video.

And in the final two, AKB48 Team K’s Fujita Nana took on former HKT48, currently AKB48 Team A member Nakanishi Shiori.  And after many rounds of throwing rock, Fujita Nana threw paper and won the competition.

Similar to Uchida Mayumi (the first winner of the AKB48 Janken Taikai) who has never ranked in Senbatsu, Fujita Nana has never ranked in senbatsu.  She also has never participated in an A-single before.  So, this is a special opportunity for Fujita Nana.

The night also featured quite a few surprises, especially with Takamina dressed as T.M. Revolution and TMR showing up on stage to support her.  This will be Takamina’s final Janken Taikai, as she is set to graduate in December.


You can watch the final four compete below: