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Chikano Rina makes her JKT48 theater debut


Former AKB48 member Chikano Rina made her JKT48 theater debut in Jakarta, Indonesia on August 6th. The crowd erupted with cheers when Chikano was unveiled with many chanting her name.

Chikano performed in all 13 songs with JKT48 including songs “Seishun Girls” and “Blue Rose”.

Watanabe Entertainment’s Osawa Tsuyoshi releases statement of who was responsible for the hacking of JKT48/AKB48 Takajo Aki’s Twitter account


A statement in regards to finding out who hacked Takajo Aki’s Twitter account has been concluded.

It was revealed that staff/business partners knew Aki’s Twitter account and they will not be pursuing any filing towards law enforcement. An investigation was done and Osawa Tsuyoshi of Watanabe Entertainment said that to make sure this doesn’t happen again, and they will make sure this doesn’t happen by educating employees. Also, they will pursue appropriate action against employees ot business partners that were responsible.

They deeply apologize to Takajo Aki for the inappropriate Tweets which produced rumors and speculation that ran rampant on the Internet due to the content of the Tweet that came from her account and were not posted by her.


JKT48/AKB48 member Takajo Aki hacked on Twitter


Takajo Aki hacked on Twitter. Someone posted on Takajo’s twitter that she was having dinner with a baseball player. Takajo said she did not post the tweets. The tweets were deleted and investigation is pending.

Fans on the AKB48 forums are saying it’s the curse of being #26 in the General Election, which a few fans think the number is jinxed. So, far those who have been #26 – Hirajima Natsuki and Masuda Yuka have suffered scandals.

Chikano Rina debuts as a member of JKT48



Chikano Rina of AKB48’s Team K has made her debut as a member of JKT48 during a promotion of their sixth single “Gingham Check”.

Earlier in the year, Chikano was announced that she would join JKT48 following the path of AKB48 members Takajo Aki and Nakagawa HAruka.

Chikano told fans that she was happy for the fans support and that she will continue to work hard together with the group.

AKB48G: Expect a lot of tears and heartache at tonight’s Dai Sokaku Matsuri


This is what many AKB48G fans dread or get jittery each year and that is the annual reformation event in which members are sent to other groups and literally there are major shakeups.

But this year will be even bigger as management has emphasized “Dai” in the Sokaku Matsuri, which means that tonight’s shakeup will feature many surprises.  The big talk in Japan that some members may become SHN48 (Shanghai) and JKT48 (Jakarta) members.  Some going as far as Nogizaka46 being mixed into the groups (which should be impossible but hey, Aki-P is known for major surprises).

With many graduations happening with SKE48 as of late?  Will we see members of different groups become members of SKE48?  Or will Jurina Matsui become the new face of AKB48 and be a permanent member as Yuko Oshima is to graduate?  Even Jurina had to post today about the upcoming reformation.


There are a lot of predictions on social media, there are a lot of worries but if there is one thing that AKB48 fans do know… There are major changes in store.

Expect a lot of tears and heartache but also a new chapter for several members…