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AKB48’s “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” music video surpasses 100,000,000 views


AKB48’s 2013 hit single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” has achieved many milestones for the idol pop group.  And now, it has reached another milestone of surpassing 100,000,000 views on YouTube.

The single is the second AKB48 single (after “Heavy Rotation”) to surpass that number of views on YouTube.

UPDATE: Mayuyu feels defeated…


Poor Mayuyu…she admitted defeat that her song “Kokoro no Placard” is not as popular as “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”. Pretty much feeling that the world would rather dance to KFC. Of course, the members were telling her it’ s not true and Takamina had to come in and put a positive spin to things.

On Japanese forums, fans have been scathing towards Mayu as center.  As long awaited for Mayuyu to be center, there were those who criticized Mayuyu’s dance ethic of being to sluggish, while others were upset that the song was not one of Akimoto’s best and was not suitable for Mayuyu.

One blogger went so far to write an essay (in Japanese) about why “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” did much better than “Kokoro no Placard”.


Yoshinori Kobayashi has taken to his blog to offer his comments about Mayuyu’s comments yesterday and showing his support for her. Kobayashi also emphasizes that people should not blame Mayuyu for the song.

AKB48 KFC dance videos are still going strong!

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 4.20.11 PM

Sure, AKB48’s “Heavy Rotation” may be AKB48’s top watched music video but possibly the most topped covered dance song on YouTube has to be “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” and KFC continues to be emulated by various staff all over the world.

The latest video features AKB48 Cafe & Shop staff but also staff from other Akiba establishments taking part in a flash mob.  How awesome is that?