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Mariri graduates from AKB48


Mariko Tsukamoto (38), the first adult to audition and win a four-month role as a member of AKB48 has graduated.

The mother of two performed her graduation performance at the AKB48 theater in Akihabara on Sept. 1st.  Performing 20 songs, Mariko, known as “Mariri”, told the audience that she will be returning back to her role as a mother.  Her husband and children were cheering in the audience.

Housewife Mariko Tsukamoto joins AKB48 for over-30 limited campaign


With the AKB48/Papiko campaign to find a woman who would join AKB48 for a limited campaign, full-time housewife Mariko Tsukamoto (37) was chosen.

Mariko will take part as the center of the Glico Ezaki CM which airs on May 14th.

With 5,066 entries, Mariko applied upon a recommendation from a fellow friend, a housewife in Nara.