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McDonald’s Tsukimi Burger (Moon Viewing Burger) 25th Anniversary


Back in 1991, McDonald’s began a tradition of creating the Tsukimi Burger (Moon Viewing Burger) and is released only in the fall in Japan.

Featuring an egg, beef patty, smoky bacon and special sauce (mayo and ketchup), the Tsukimi burger returns for the 25th anniversary of the popular sandwich.


The sandwich goes on sale on August 31st through the first week of October and costs 340 yen for the Tsukimi Burger, 37 yen for the Cheese Tsukimi and for the 25th anniversary, the new 390 yen Mangetsu Cheese Tsukimi.

McDonald’s targets otaku going to Comiket


With Comiket on the 29th, McDonald’s has targeted the otaku demographic.

Netizens question the pricing structure by McDonald’s and ask…”are you really lovin’ it?”.