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TV Asahi’s Music Station giving fans a chance to choose which AKB48 songs to perform on June 27th Special


On June 27th, for the two hour Music Station special, the group will perform “Labrador Retriever” but for the first time, fans will get the chance to vote on what songs AKB48 will perform next. People can vote on the TV Asahi website or via mail.

T.M. Revolution’s first appearance on Music Station since 2004 and Baby Metal’s first appearance


TV Asahi’s “Music Station” will be featuring T.M. Revolution, BABYMETAL, AKB48, Hey! Say! JUMP, miwa and citron on Feb. 7th.

For T.M. Revolution, the appearance will be his first since 2004, when the pop star performed “Albireo”.


The episode will also feature the first appearance of popular idol group BABYMETAL and also AKB48’s newest single featuring Oshima Yuko as the center (Oshima is graduating from AKB48 on March 30th).