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Japanese Baseball Card of the Week: Yoshida Eri from the BBM Real Venus Cards 2013


For this week, I’m going to go a different route and showcase a female baseball player.

And this week goes to Yoshida Eri (for those who found this page on a search engine, Yoshida is the family name, Eri is her first name and for this site, I go by the Japanese style of showcasing family names first).

Yoshida Eri plays for the Ishikawa Million Stars (for the Baseball Challenge League) and back in 2008, at the age of 16, was the first female drafted by a Japanese men’s professional baseball team.

She is also the first female professional baseball player in the U.S. since Ila Borders to play professionally in two countries, as she signed a contract with the Chico Outlaws in 2010.

She is also known for pitching a really cool sidearm knuckleball.

For those not familiar with BBM’s Real Venus Cards, they showcase a female athlete.  You get their profile photo, a player’s sport photo with them in action and a fashion photo of the player outside of the sport in normal or fashionable clothing.